5 Ingenious Ways To Increase The Fuel Efficiency Of Your Vehicle

The love for cars is global and ever-growing. If you love your car, you would know the painstaking effort you make to keep your vehicle in prime condition. Apart from effort, the car also requires money for its upkeep. Maintaining a car sometimes can feel heavy on the pocket, so you can compensate for that by reducing the fuel consumption. 

Luckily, increasing the fuel efficiency of a car can be done in many ways. Let’s talk about some of these ways in detail.

Servicing On a Regular Basis

Servicing is one of the most basic solutions to increasing the fuel efficiency of a car. A regularly serviced car can have almost 25% better fuel than an irregularly or poorly serviced car. Ensure you have a trusted service center and avoid getting the car serviced from places other than the company’s service center.

Streamlining The Vehicle

Streamlining includes shaping an object so that it offers the least resistance to air while moving. In cars, streamlining is done in many ways, but there are overhead carriers and other attachments that impede the streamlining effect in many cars. The carriers and other such things offer a lot of resistance to the air while moving.

Cutting extra weight

Every stock vehicle has many extra little widgets and parts that are there for multiple purposes but can’t be counted in the essentials. These parts might weigh a lot. The luggage carriers, sound systems, roll cages, and other items can be stripped off according to your need. 

You can also change some heavy parts of the engine and other things in the essential parts like using a molybdenum plate in a flywheel to decrease the weight without compensating for the strength. Some people go as far as removing the car back seats to increase efficiency, pickup, and speed.

Clutching and momentum

Various driving techniques can decrease overall fuel usage, but we won’t go into the advanced ones. Basic techniques regarding clutching and braking, which are universal, are much easier to follow and apply to your own car and driving. 

Basically, the lesser you break, the lesser you would be breaking the momentum. Getting the car back into momentum would involve pressing the accelerator, which directly contributes to the maximum fuel usage. Similarly, half clutching or keeping your foot on the clutch for longer also decreases fuel efficiency.

Air Conditioner Usage

There is no better feeling than to feel the cool air of your car’s air conditioner on a warm summer afternoon. Although it might feel wonderful, the air conditioner uses a lot of fuel, which can be saved by turning the air conditioner off when not needed. People often leave the air conditioner on for hours at an end, and if you are concerned about fuel efficiency, then you shouldn’t be following in these people’s footsteps.

Conserving fuel is a noble act whether you do it for saving the environment or for having to spend less. In the end, if you are using less fuel, it will help everyone. Fuel efficiency advice should be given regularly to people as it is not that hard to achieve. Go through this article for trusted and easy-to-follow advice.


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