Making Cycling Trips Seamless and Rewarding

Cycling trips are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are they suitable for all ages, but they also help improve health while soaking up gorgeous scenery. While ditching the car and biking to work is great, there is nothing like going on a cycling trip.

Cycling trips allow you to witness sights and landscapes that you might not be able to see from an airplane or car.

While cycling trips aren’t the easiest to organize, they can be highly rewarding. If you want to make your cycling trips work and create some of the best memories, use these tips and tricks.

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Invest in a bike rack 

Not all cars have bike racks, making attending cycling trips impossible if you need to drive there. While you might be able to get the train, it isn’t always practical or reliable. Being able to transport your and your friend’s bikes on your car will make it much easier. 

A tow hitch bike rack is essential if you go on cycling trips with friends and find it difficult to store your bikes. It can be hard to transport bikes when driving somewhere. While one person’s car might have a rack, it won’t be enough for a group. The tow hitch bike racks can hold up to four bikes, making it easy for you all to go and enjoy a trip together.

Find a great bike

You won’t want to head on a weekend or week-long cycling trip with a dodgy bike. You need a reliable bike, as this will help you experience a seamless journey without needing to fix your bike. 

You don’t need to invest thousands in a bike, but it will help you make a decent investment. You will need one with a comfortable seat, easy-to-adjust gears, and a safe frame. It can be wise to test a bike before buying it to understand if it suits you and your needs. 

If you let the bike company know your desires and plans, they will help you find a bike that suits the trip and your preferences. 

Find a comfortable bag

When planning a cycling tour, you will need a comfortable bag. You can attach your phone and water bottle to the bike, but you might need other things throughout the day, which are best kept in a bag. 

If you aren’t planning to spend the night somewhere (away from your accommodation), you won’t need a big bag. You need something lightweight and compact to carry essentials – keys, wallet, documents, and more. A lightweight backpack will sit comfortably while you ride and not cause you to tip when you slow down or stop.

Decide on your style of cycling trip to understand what essentials you need

Before you head on your cycling trip, you need to determine the style and purpose of the trip, as this will help you understand what you need to pack. 

If you are planning a two-day trip with camping, you will need to find a big enough backpack to house the tent and camping essentials. If you plan to cycle along the Amalfi Coast for a week in Italy, you will need suitable cycling shorts and SPF. The style of trip you take will dictate the items you need to carry.

Pre-plan the route

To enjoy a seamless and rewarding cycling trip, you will want to pre-plan the route. If you go without a route in mind, you could end up at a dead end or not achieve a fulfilling experience. 

When you plan the route, you can find stopping points for the best scenery and energy refuels. It’s best to find a route that involves restaurants and cafes so you can stop off and refuel. Plus, this will lighten your load, as you won’t need to pack food. 

Find comfortable accommodation

If you are cycling for more than one day, you will need accommodation unless you are planning to camp. Finding comfortable accommodation is wise so you can properly reset and unwind before embarking on a new day of physical exercise. 

Somewhere with a warm shower and comfortable bed is ideal so you can feel relaxed and reenergize your body. There are plenty of accommodations in most countries that will offer bike storage, so you don’t need to worry about the safe storage of your bike. You might even find accommodation that is cycling-tour friendly. In this case, you might get to meet with like-minded people and find out new routes to enhance your experience. 



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