How to Make Sure You Are Protected After a Car Accident

Car accidents happen when least expected. While most of them occur due to obvious causes such as drunk driving and speeding, a fair majority of people affected by auto accidents are entirely innocent. The latter is the group that suffers from the recklessness and negligence of other road users.

A considerable number of road accidents leave victims with medical bills to pay and property damages to repair. Many of them cause a lot of pain and suffering, especially when they result in disabilities or the loss of a loved one. Some victims who don’t suffer physical injuries are left battling psychological issues like PTSD, enough to make them miss work. Considering all these issues surrounding the aftermath of an accident, it is crucial to know how to protect your wellbeing in the event of being involved in one. Below, we will go through a few tips on how to make sure you are protected after a car accident.

1. Get In Touch With An Accident Attorney

Following a car accident, you may find you need assistance with filing a lawsuit. Whilst the auto insurance company of the person at fault usually caters to the damages, it can sometimes be impossible to get them to pay out. Whether you were the one at fault or not, one of the first things you should do is reach out to a reputed accident attorney. Filing a claim can be a nightmare if you do not have the right person to talk to in your situation. As the injury attorneys at highlight, some insurance companies focus more on profits at their clients’ expense. A competent accident injury attorney will have your best interests at heart and will help protect your rights. They will help you get the compensation you so much deserve even when dealing with bad faith insurance claims.

2. Call the Police 

Car accidents are some of the most common cases in the civil justice system. To be on the safe side, it is crucial to involve the police by contacting them as soon as you get into an accident. This increases your chances of ensuring that your rights are protected. Once they arrive, they will get your statement and create a police report, which is often needed in court just in case litigation results from the incident.

Unless you are critically injured, and in need of immediate medical attention, the last thing you want is to get away from the accident scene before the police arrive. You could be implicated as a hit-and-run suspect while, indeed, you were the victim. Give out all the facts, and do not say anything that will compromise your compensation. Since accident victims get disoriented after an accident, it is helpful to write down all the police officers’ details for reference if you can.

3. Take Pictures and Involve Witnesses 

Pictures say it all when words cannot pass the message adequately. Let’s assume that car A caused the accident due to negligence, but you do not have the facts to prove your point. It will take the driver of car A just a few words to make it seem like you are the cause. Since you have no evidence to prove your innocence, you may end up losing the case. In such incidents, pictures are good to give more information.

Additionally, it may be difficult for you to stand alone in this system of justice. It is therefore important to notice witnesses and get their contact information after the accident. They could help your case when presented to your insurance company, your legal team, and the courts. Their testimony is beneficial as long as they do not jeopardize your claims.

4. Get Medical Help

Car accidents can be fatal. Alternatively, they can cause injuries, or you could escape without any if you are lucky enough. All in all, your wellbeing is the most important thing. Regardless of how severe or minor the impact was, it is always advisable to seek medical attention as soon as you can. This is because some car accident injuries can take a while to manifest if a paramedic is not involved immediately.

Make it mandatory to have a paramedic examining you. It makes it easier to detect injuries faster, and you can begin the road to your recovery. To cream the cake, the medical records will be proof that you were involved in an accident, and it will aid in your compensation. Please note that consistency in your medical check-ups will make it easy for you to identify abnormalities that may have resulted from the crash.

Last but not least, it is wise to move your vehicle to a safe spot by the roadside if you can after an accident. It helps you assess the situation while protecting other road users from potential harm. All the same, there are instances where you cannot be able to move, do not panic. Stay still and wait for emergency services to come to your rescue.



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