Signs You May Have a Valid Personal Injury Claim

If you’ve been injured due to the fault of someone else, you may have grounds for filing a personal injury claim. However, knowing if you should proceed can be rather challenging. Not everybody wants to pursue a stressful case, especially if they aren’t sure if they will win.

 In order to determine whether your situation qualifies, it’s important to understand the basics of personal injury law. Below we are going to discuss a few signs that suggest you may have a valid claim.


Let’s get started.

The injury was caused by negligence or deliberate wrongdoing.

Personal injury claims arise when an individual has been injured due to another person’s negligence or deliberate wrongdoing. This could include actions such as careless driving, medical malpractice, dog bites, or unsafe working conditions. 


If the at-fault party fails to uphold their duty of care and their actions lead to your injury, they may be liable for damages. If you’re still unsure, speaking with a DC personal injury attorney is recommended.


Your injury was documented by medical professionals. 


Any claim must be backed up with proof of the extent of your injury and any costs that you paid as a result. That means that you must seek medical attention for your injuries and make sure that all of your appointments are documented by professionals.


While they may not need to testify, it’s good to have them on standby in case the situation is taken further. The evidence really is critical. 


Your injury is going to be permanent. 


Any injury can have devastating effects, but if you’ve been informed that you’re going to be living with a permanent disability, it’s extremely important to make a claim.


Depending on the exact situation, you could require compensation that covers a much longer period of time. If you know that you did nothing wrong, you shouldn’t have to cover any costs yourself. 


Your insurance provider isn’t much help.


At first, you may want to rely on your insurance provider to do most of the work, but this isn’t always the best course to take. There are a lot of loopholes, and many providers will make the situation much more complex than it has to be.


Even if you’ve studied law, it’s best to find an attorney who will negotiate with their abilities to ensure that your compensation is handled in the best way possible.


Your injury has resulted in financial losses or damages. 


In addition to physical pain, many injuries caused by negligence can also lead to financial losses such as lost wages, medical bills, and other costs associated with recovery.


All of these losses must be carefully documented so that they can be taken into consideration when making a claim against the responsible party/parties.


You have evidence to support your claim.


Alongside medical documents, other evidence that supports your side of the story is vital if you decide to take things to the next step. This could include photographs, witness testimony, police reports, and receipts.


Be sure to keep these somewhere safe, and create copies as needed. They will be vital in proving your case and will speed up the entire process significantly.


The liable party admitted guilt.


In some cases, parties will admit guilt and then lie about their wrongdoing. If you have a note or text message with an apology, this is crucial and should be included with your above evidence.


You never know how a case will turn out, so you want to be prepared, even if you’re confident with what you’ve already compiled. The right lawyer will help you with this.


You’ve kept things quiet.


There are certain errors you can make before filing a claim and one of those is posting about it all over social media. Remember, anything you write can be used as evidence, and even if you delete it, you never know who has saved/screenshot your images.


When an accident has occurred, keep things quiet and don’t talk to anyone until you have spoken with an attorney. It’s best to wait until the entire case is over before posting anything publically – even if you think it’s harmless.


Final Words  


As you can see from the above, there is a lot involved with personal injury law. No two cases are exactly alike and each has its own set of circumstances which must be taken into account. 


If you believe you may have grounds, consult with an experienced lawyer who specializes in this area so that they can help guide you through the process correctly and effectively.


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