Types of Personal Injuries and How to Claim

A personal injury is a legal name for an injury to a person’s body or reputation. This is unlike the destruction of possessions. You can get an injury because of another person’s carelessness and no one has to go through it.

However, sadly, personal injuries are very common. And if this happens to you, you may be entitled to compensation. You can file a personal injury case with or without hiring a Personal Injury Attorney.

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However, you must note that filing a lawsuit on your own is very stressful without the help of a lawyer. Not to mention that you are already dealing with the personal injuries you sustained. Thus, you should engage the services of the best personal injury lawyer you can find. 

Personal Injury Types And How To Claim Them

  1. Vehicle Accident Claims

Vehicle accident claims are one of the most popular personal injury claims. Many people get injuries in vehicle accidents daily. Several of these accidents result from the carelessness of another driver. In most cases, casualties will decide to file personal injury claims. These claims help them cover their injuries or get compensation.

  1. Medical Errors Lawsuits

Medical errors occur from health workers’ mistakes. That is when a health worker makes mistakes that cause injuries to the patient. Such injuries can have a permanent effect on their lives. These mistakes result from carelessness, so it is a personal injury case.

  1. Slipping Accidents

Some injuries occur due to severe conditions on public or private property. Victims can file for compensation for such injuries. Slipping accidents are a popular form of personal injury claim.

  1. Assault

Assault is becoming a prevalent personal injury claim. Assault is one of the few types of personal injury that happens on purpose, not carelessness. The victim can sue for a personal injury lawsuit. That can help get compensation for injuries sustained.

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  1. Animal Bites

When an animal bites somebody, the owner is liable. Most animal bites injury cases get dealt with as personal injuries. This is because they often happen due to the owner’s carelessness. The court will grant remedy to a victim.

  1.  Unlawful Death

 Unlawful death claims entail the death of a person because of someone’s carelessness. An example is if a person dies from falling on damaged, unmarked stairs. In this case, the victim’s family can file for compensation. That is because the victim’s death happened because of the owner’s carelessness.

  1. Office Accidents

This is when a staff sustains a wound due to unsafe working conditions such as damaged equipment. They may be able to sue their employer for personal injuries. Jobs with the highest number of workplace injuries are truck drivers and laborers.

  1. Building Injuries

The manual needs of the building industry can lead to terrible injuries. Keeping a construction site danger-free is a challenging task. The employer is responsible for trying to reduce dangers as much as possible. If the employer fails to do so, he becomes liable for accidents resulting from his negligence.

  1. Public Transport Injuries

 When we travel by public transport, our safety is in the hands of the public transport officers. They are liable for their negligence.

Common examples of public transport injuries are:

  • Accidents caused by the careless driving of buses and taxi drivers
  • Accidents caused by dangerous conditions of buses or taxis
  • Accidents caused by faulty road signals or driver errors
  1. Holiday Injury Claims

During the holiday seasons, tour officials must ensure that tourists are safe. In addition, they must ensure that their food and lodging are in good condition. If the tourist gets hurt due to the official’s carelessness, he can sue for compensation.

  1. Erroneous Products

A product can lead to different accidents if sold with its errors. Types of erroneous products are;

  • Bad furniture
  • Electric goods
  • Spoiled food
  • Faulty automobiles.

There are many effects of having erroneous products. For example, bad furniture leads to physical injury. Electrical goods lead to electric shock. Consuming spoiled food leads to poisoning. A faulty automobile can lead to road accidents, further leading to loss of life.

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The manufacturer is liable in such cases.

  1. Games and Relaxation Accidents

Games and relaxing sports like swimming, skiing, and camping can cause serious injuries. These claims can be hard to sue when something goes wrong,  especially when it’s uncertain who is wrong. Faulty equipment or carelessness of a recreational establishment official can be the reason. The management is usually liable.

  1. Slander

This suggests damage to a person’s status because of false testimonies. The victim must prove that it is an unfavorable testimony. The victim must also prove that the testimony has caused substantial financial damage.

Victimized public figures usually need to prove true defamation. This means they need to prove the false testimony is on purpose or with total apathy for the truth.

  1. Seaport Accident Claim

Regulations guide seaport activities relating to the workings of a ship. These regulations ensure the protection of workers. Some of them include:

The provision of suitable and stable ways of passage to every part of the port surroundings.

  • Care of floors, ports, grounds, steps, and passages.
  • Keeping surroundings free from misstepping and sliding dangers
  • Adequate light.
  • Proper warning indications.

Where refusal to comply with these regulations results in an accident, the victim can sue for personal injury.

  1. Farm Accident

Safety protocols should always be in place on farms and on agricultural grounds. This lessens farm accidents affecting animals and machines that still occur. In addition, if a visitor employee suffers an accident due to negligence of the management, he can sue them.

Causes of  Familiar farm injuries and diseases are:

  • Farm accidents are affecting transportation
  • Dropping from an elevation or a bit by a falling object
  • Disasters occur due to incomplete coaching or a lack of satisfactory safety tools
  • Harmful animals attacking farmhands
  1. Psychological Injuries

In many instances, individuals suffer psychological damages. Types of known psychological ailments are:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Certain Phobias
  • Depression

There are many symptoms of psychological traumas Like:

  • Depression happens because of the effect of injuries on everyday living. And the absence of inspiration
  • Lack of sleep and bad dreams
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction to drugs and alcohol to cope better

To treat psychological injuries, attend various counseling or therapy sessions. In addition, victims can claim compensation for psychological injuries like medical expenses.

  1. Toxic Tort Claim

 A toxic tort claim is a distinctive form of private damage suit. The victim insists that exposure to a toxic chemical element caused illness. Individuals are in danger when they work in chemical industries. Exposure to such toxic substances can cause serious illnesses. Victims can get sick with leukemia or lung diseases.

How to Claim Personal Injury Compensation

After an injury, you have the privilege of paying for damages. That privilege of compensation is a claim. The claim is against the individual or individuals responsible for your injuries. A claim gets resolved in or out of court with a lawyer, counting on the victim’s preference.

  • After your treatment, you should reach out to the person liable for your request.
  • Chances are they may or may not agree to your request. If they disagree, you can file a lawsuit
  • When you file a lawsuit, you will be required to prove your claims. When you verify your claims, the judge will order the liable party to provide the reliefs you seek


Major safety measures should be in place. This will help curb accidents in the home, workplace, and relaxation spots. In addition, more regulations should be in place to ensure the total safety of people.

When a person sustains an injury due to the failure of another to carry out due diligence in preventing the accident, victims should sue and claim relief.

You will need to show that you suffered an injury due to the person’s negligence to succeed in an action for personal injury.



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