Will this Year’s Championship Battle be Between Red Bull Racing and Ferrari?

In the F1 racing year, we see a battle brew between Ferrari and Red Bull. Although before the start of the season, many pundits, fans, and sports news touted that we would see a continuation of the battle between Mercedes and Red Bull this year. However, it hasn’t gone that way.

The first five races of the year have been different, and Ferrari has been in better form compared to last year. The team currently leads the pack, with Charles Leclerc topping the drivers’ rankings. 

Aside from that, as we head into Spain, you should know that the team would want to ensure a win to solidify their top position as we draw closer to the middle of the season. 

We also know that Red Bull will not give up without a fight. Therefore, this is gearing up to be a battle between two of the best cars in the championship right now. Although many fans don’t want to accept, the teams currently have two top drivers with a lot to offer, and they might even topple Lewis Hamilton’s record. 

As we prepare for the next race, let’s look at the year so far to see if we will get a major battle like what we got last year.  

Overview of the Year

The year didn’t start the way any fan would’ve envisioned. With Max Verstappen crashing out and Lewis Hamilton barely making the podium spot, it didn’t look good as most of us thought it would be another fierce battle between Mercedes and Red Bull. Things soon turn around in the second race.

Verstappen was able to finish, and as a result, he won the race, giving him his first victory. However, Leclerc was a close second. Therefore, the point gap from the top for Max was still much. 

Then came the third race, Verstappen had another issue, and the Red Bull team took another massive hit. 

However, Verstappen has been on fire since that race in Australia, winning back-to-back races. As a result, the gap at the top is getting slimmer. However, Mercedes is still struggling to find their form. 

Red Bull Overview

The year undoubtedly did not start well for Red Bull. Multiple DNFs have robbed the team of potential points, and as a result, they had to struggle to close the gap. 

The problems in Bahrain and Australia are undoubtedly behind them. However, we believe that they need to be careful because another DNF would take them further from the top.

The back-to-back wins in Imola and USA is a perfect comeback, and the fact that Leclerc slipped to 5th in Imola helped a great deal. The team was able to capitalize on that slip-up, and as a result, they are only 3 points behind Ferrari on the table. So, the next few races would be important to the chase.  

Ferrari Overview

With the team leading the way since the start of the year, their goal will be to retain the top position until the end of the year. In addition to that, they would want to ensure that they have a better season, and if Leclerc can win his first F1 title, it will be an amazing year for the Ferrari team. 

Although they haven’t been able to beat the Red Bull drivers whenever they all finish the races, they are in the driving seat for the year. They just need to capitalize on any slip-up from the other team and ensure they avoid any penalties. 

It will not be an easy year because Max will give it his all as we progress in the title race. 

The Importance of Spain

The next race is in Spain, and we are gearing up for another epic battle between two amazing drivers. In addition to that, we might see Hamilton and the Mercedes team burst on the scene with a new strategy disrupting the balance at the top. 

Therefore, this looks like an exciting event that will certainly give us a good show.

Spain holds major importance if we have a battle because a win in Spain will give Red Bull the much-needed comeback they need. However, if Leclerc wins or makes it to the podium, Red Bull and Verstappen will have to play catch-up until the next race. But the points will be closer than it was before the race. 

Undoubtedly, it is looking like it would be an eventful battle between Red Bull Racing and Ferrari in this year’s F1 championship.



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