The Top Five Formula One Teams in the 2022 F1 Season

Before we go to Spain for another incredible F1 racing event this year, we want to look at the season so far and who are the leading teams and likely winners at the end of the season. Undoubtedly, F1 has gained plenty of popularity, and we’ve seen many teams take their time to create a perfect and solid racing strategy.

Over the years, it has been a battle between different teams, and we’ve even seen some of the memorable battles get immortalized in some casino games at some of the best online casino sites. Therefore, we can tell that the popularity of the sport is becoming greater. And aside from that, we have more people watching the games. 

This year, we’ve had five races already, and we’re beginning to see a battle between Ferrari and Red Bull. 

Although the Mercedes team are the third in line, they are far from the top two, and their chances of winning the championship this year are slim. However, they remain one of the top five teams this year. So, join us as we look at the top five F1 teams so far. 


Leading the pack is Ferrari, and it has undoubtedly been an amazing year for the team. They already registered two wins this year with multiple podium appearances. 

As a result, they are leading the way to the championship title. However, only one of their drivers is in the top three places.

But, the driver in this position is the one leading the pack, and as a result, he is carrying the team well. Charles Leclerc remains Ferrari’s number one driver, and he heads the drivers’ list as we take a trip to Spain.

However, just like Ferrar’s top position, the Red Bull Racing team also threatens Leclerc’s position.

Red Bull Racing

Following Ferrari very closely on the log is Red Bull, the team that produced the F1 champion last year. 

Although they were hit with multiple DNFs, the team has a solid strategy, making them competitive whenever there isn’t an issue. They are yet to lose a race they finished, and as a result, they can get the top position.

The team has its two drivers in the podium places, with both of them occupying the second and third positions on the log. 

Therefore, they are only three points behind Ferrari in the current standings. In that case, if they can find a way to get both drivers to the podium positions and Ferrari slips up again, they will seal the top spot. 


Following the top teams closely is Mercedes. However, it has been a good year for the team. The best team in the championship last year is struggling to make a statement this year, and they are yet to win any race. They’ve even only finished in the podium positions a few times this season.

Many might attribute their slowing down this year to the fact that they haven’t upgraded their cars as much as other teams in the competition. 

Also, their number one driver is having issues on the tracks for some reason. Therefore, it hasn’t been a good year for the team overall, but they still maintain a top-three spot. 


The team behind Mercedes is McLaren, and they also have almost the same issues as Mercedes as they are struggling at the various tracks this year. 

Although they were also 4th last year, many expected a better start to the year from the McLaren team, just like how Ferrari went from 3rd place to be leading the pack. 

They are quite far off the top three positions, and they’ll need a consistent top performance from Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo if they ever want a chance. 

However, it is near impossible to expect that. As a result, this might be their position till the end of the year if they don’t slip up. 

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo has been impressive going by their last year’s finish. The team has gone from 9th place to 5th place at the turn of the year. It is an impressive feat worth celebrating, thanks to their new and improved vehicles. In addition to that, Valtteri Bottas joining the team has helped a great deal. 

They now have a solid driver that can carry the team, and if the other teammate can help, we might see the Alfa Romeo team get their first top-five finish. Therefore, we look forward to the team’s performance in Spain and its effect on their current position.



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