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Into speed and excitement? Then sports betting might be something for you. Here you find an introduction to the basics of betting at auto racing.

Since wheels got an engine and could be called an automobile, people have been longing for speed, races, and getting first. Therefore, it’s not unusual that betting on automobile races is quite popular. Or are you curious about how to get started on auto racing betting? We have collected an introduction of things that will be good for you to learn about. 

Kinds of games

Normally you can bet on the results of the different drivers in the races, via Wyoming sports betting sites and other sports betting websites, but there are different kinds of bets you can make. First of all, the most classic bet is to pick the winner of the race or the season. This is a quite simple form of betting, as you will have a list of races and their odds for their chances of winning.

Similarly, you can also make a bet for a bigger margin. If you have a good eye on a racer but aren’t sure if he’s going to win, you bet on him making it into the top 6. Then it doesn’t matter if he becomes number 2, 4, or 6. As long as he finishes in the top 6 at the end of the race, you’ve won your bet. 

Thirdly you can also bet at a direct matchup. This kind of betting is called head-to-head, and here the bookmaker has picked two drivers. Your task is to bet on who will finish best. It doesn’t matter if your driver finishes at a low position. In this bet, he only has one guy to beat. 

Understand the odds

There are different kinds of odds at use. The most used in the US are money line odds, and therefore, we will refer to this. But you can read more about how odds work in betting by following this link.

The US odds are based on how much you will win if you play 100 dollars. If you see odds at +150, this means, you will win 150 dollars at a 100 dollars bet. So, if you bet 5 dollars, you can win 7.5 dollars.  

The odds are based on the applied probability set by the bookmaker. This means that the odds are based on how often this outcome is likely to happen. In the example above there is a 40 percent chance of winning. So, if the race is held 10 times, the bookmaker expects your racer to win 4 of the times. If you think his chances of winning are higher, then the odds are good for you. Since you have lower risk and higher profit. 

If the chances of winning are more than 50 percent, the money line odds will become negative. Then you will see odds like –150, -300, -750, etc. This means how much money you should put in to win 100 dollars. The lower the number is, the bigger is your winning chances, but the lower is your potential income. 

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