How much does a Locksmith Cost?

With the locksmith market full of choices, choosing which locksmith company to hire can sometimes be hard and challenging. But knowing how much they are likely to charge you or your budget and the amount you are willing to spend on your lock can help you break down the search into a small process. It is also wise to understand that these charges vary from one locksmith to the other and also the place you live as an influence on price. Below are some locksmith prices;

Prices to Change your Locks

The cost of changing your locks can start from as low as $150 for a basic euro lock model to $ 600 for replacing a morticemodel. The cost to replace depends on the type of lock, security standard, and complexity of the job. However, if you happen to have locked yourself out of your car like BMW, you definitely need a professional BMW locksmith to assist you. You may go here and check how they work. 

Prices to Open & Unlock the house.

The cost to open and unlock your door can start from $100 to $150, but this depends on the type of the door, the location of your home and the type of your lock; this is so because some locks are easy to open than others and some doors might have some extra security which requires some extra equipment. The charges are charged according to the task the locksmith is expected to perform; for instance, removing a broken key from your lock can cost you more than locked out services and also replacing your lost key. To get all kinds of Locksmith service charge ideas, you can read this article

Prices to Repair your Locks

The cost of repairing your door or window lock that is either broken or faulty can range from as low as $50 for repairing internal locks to $ 400 for the main entry lock. For instance, repairing a uPVC door lock can cost you $200, which is somehow expensive than buying a new uPVC gearbox which goes for $100. Some repairs might be expensive than buying a new lock. It is then wise to always consider both scenarios and pick the one that fits you, especially if your locks have been repaired more than twice or keep on failing.

Lock Replacement and Repair Cost Factor

The main price and cost factor in repairing and replacing any lock is the type of lock you have and the lock’s model and security details. Some locksmiths also price their services on the amount of time they will be working on your door; note that it might cost you if it takes longer to repair.


Our charges and rates are based on 2021 locksmith rates, and the prices might not be the same in your location, so be sure to visit or call your locksmith before you hire a locksmith. Also, be sure to research rates in your country; they might be cheaper.


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