Everything You Need To Know About Motocross Racing For Kids

Adventure sports for adults is a big fad, but have you heard about adventure sports for kids? It’s about time you seize that smartphone or video game from your kid’s hand and introduce him to something more exciting, adventurous, and most importantly, outdoor. 

Motocross racing is gaining immense popularity among kids these days. Seeing your little one gushing and rushing across the road wouldn’t only make you happy, but would help your kid as well. They would learn to deal with challenges, combat them, and become more confident about themselves. If your child has developed a passion for this thrilling sport, you may as well prepare them for the real challenge – the MOTOCROSS RACING. 

So how do you start with this plan? Here’s everything that you need to learn about motocross racing for kids: 

Buy your little one a dirt bike: 

A dirt bike for kids is similar to that of adults but smaller in size. You need not necessarily splurge while buying a dirt bike, especially when your kid is a beginner. Buy one with all the standard and safety features, and you are good to go. You may as well find the best leads for a second-hand dirt bike for kids, provided the vehicle is in a good condition. 

A dirt bike is categorised into different kinds, and you must choose one according to the age, experience, and skill of your child: 

  • If your child is a beginner, a 50cc dirt bike is the right option to choose.
  • An experienced and talented 7-year-old child deserves racing on a dirt bike between 65 and 90cc. 
  • A 50cc dirt bike is considered a standard option at the racing classes. 

Invest in good-quality safety gear: 

It’s okay to buy a second-hand dirt bike in a good condition, but when it comes to looking for safety gear, compromises are not welcome. The kids motocross gear that you are opting for must speak quality in all senses. The safety of your child should be your priority. Look for the essentials, such as a top-quality helmet, chest protection, roost guard, goggles, gloves, and riding boots. Find them on the internet. Do not forget to read the customer reviews before buying the motocross gear online. 

Research the local tracks: 

For the parents who are acquainted with the concept of motocross racing, we suggest you research the local tracks to let your little one practice before rushing on the real ground. Find the track, trail, or road where your child may begin to learn dirt-biking from scratch. If motocross racing is all Greek to you, enroll your child into a racing school to make them learn everything to perfection. 

Professional racing schools are all about teaching everything from the very basic. Different types of training are imparted under motocross racing – indoor and outdoor racing. 

The indoor racing tracks are more technical courses that include close-together jumps and tight corners, whereas the outdoor tracks are longer, having more room between the jumps and longer sweeping turns. 

Indoor tracks are a more preferred choice for beginners as they help them build crucial skills. Young riders tend to do well on these kinds of tracks. 

The outdoor tracks are more about the game of speed, high jumps, and leaps. Once your child has become acquainted with the basics of motocross racing, they may start training at the outdoor tracks to achieve perfection. Having said that, it is good to talk to the officials and decide the right kind of training for your kid. 


Motocross racing for kids is an excellent idea to let your little one indulge in something exciting, thrilling, and adventurous. Let the weekends of your kids be about taking out their dirt bike and racing on the wild tracks and not only about gazing into their phones.



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