6 Ways to Customize Your Motorcycle

Customizing your motorcycle adds a sense of style, personal touch, and aesthetic value. If you want to alter yours, understand the motorcycle modification guidelines that state the requirements your modified bike must meet. As technology evolves, new motorcycle tech trends are introduced in the market to improve safety and enhance your riding experience. Below are a few ways to customize your motorcycle:

1. Custom lighting

LED lighting offers a variety of lighting kit options for motorcycle customization, and also makes you safer on the road at night, since they make you more visible to oncoming traffic. If you choose LED lights for your underglow, they will highlight your bike’s underside and illuminate the area beneath it. Additionally, you can customize your headlights, taillights, and strip lights depending on their purpose. You just need to choose your favorite color, brightness level, and length.

2. Upgrade your exhaust

Changing your stock exhaust affects your motorbike’s appearance, sound, and performance. You can either choose a big or a small exhaust, high or low mount, or shiny or matte for the appearance. Since a motorcycle’s combustion is very loud, an exhaust upgrade can muffle the noise and alter the sound. An aftermarket exhaust gives more power to your bike by improving its torque and horsepower, boosting fuel efficiency and engine performance.

3. Take advantage of paint

A paint job could mean changing the color of your motorbike or adding artwork to your bike to give it a distinct look. If you would like to sell your bike in the future, a clear coat is ideal. If you personalize your bike with a particular theme, its resale value may decrease depending on what potential buyers want.

4. Add heated grips and customize your handlebars

Heated grips are ideal for motorcycle winter sports fanatics and those who live in the mountains as they protect you from the cold. Combined with thinner gloves, grips give you greater control over the clutch lever and throttle than thick gloves. In addition, adjusting your handlebars’ distance and height to suit your requirements will give you a comfortable riding experience.

5. Change your motorcycle seat

If you want to highlight your bike’s body and shape, don’t use plain-colored seats. Various seats are designed using different materials to offer comfort and style, so go for what best suits your needs. You can also change your seat’s height for a more comfortable riding experience.

6. Fit in skid plates and radiator braces

If you’re an off-road motorcycle enthusiast, you’ll likely want to protect your bike’s engine and radiator from the impacts of rough terrain and other unfavorable surfaces. Installing engine skid plates protects the oil filter and engine from damage. Additionally, if your bike is involved in a collision, the radiator may crack, causing engine temperatures to rise, which may damage the engine. Fitting in radiator braces protects it from the effects of a collision.


Before performing any modifications on your bike, determine its effects on safety and performance. Use the tips above to customize your motor to suit your style and comfort.



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