Life On 2 Wheels: Essential Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

Studies show that bike sales have surged since 2020. As more and more people switch from 4 wheels to two, it’s important to be aware of the benefits of owning a bike as well as the responsibilities involved. In this guide, we’ll explore some essential motorcycle maintenance tips to help you keep your bike in check and enhance your riding experience. 

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Just like cars, motorcycles benefit from regular services. Bike services are detailed inspections, which are designed to check the running of the vehicle and make sure that everything is in order. Keeping up to date with routine services offers multiple benefits for motorcycle owners, including prolonging the lifespan of the bike, boosting performance, reducing repair costs and enhancing value and saleability. Look for a dealership or garage that specializes in the relevant make. If you type a search term like BMW Motorrad dealer near me into Google or another search engine, you’ll find a list of links and websites you can click on. Check websites for details of services and repairs and look for positive signs, such as 5-star reviews, industry accreditations and experienced mechanics. 


Looking after bike tyres is critical, especially during the winter months when cooler temperatures tend to reduce tyre pressure. Inspect your tyres regularly for signs of wear and tear and damage and check the pressure before you take your bike out. Even a minor drop in tyre pressure can make a significant difference to handling when you’re riding. If you spot signs of wear on your tyres, seek professional advice. It’s important to replace old or damaged tyres to reduce the risk of further damage and accidents. 


As a bike owner, it’s beneficial to be aware of the benefits of keeping your motorcycle well-lubricated. This is particularly important during the winter, as wet weather can wash lubricant away. Lubricant prevents the chain from drying out, which is advantageous for fuel efficiency. 


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of jumping on the back of a shiny motorcycle but cleaning and polishing your bike is not just important for aesthetics. Regular washing eliminates dirt and debris and it also protects metal bike parts from salt, which is applied to road surfaces during cold spells when the roads are icy. Salt can get into metal components, causing them to become blocked and coated, and it can increase the risk of corrosion. A simple daily clean will do the trick. It may be tempting to arm yourself with a jet washer, but try to resist the temptation. High-pressure, powerful cleaning can damage the bike. It’s best to polish your motorcycle with a cloth and lukewarm soapy water. 

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Many people are choosing to swap four wheels for two. If you’re considering buying a new or used motorcycle, it’s important to be aware of upkeep and maintenance tasks. Taking good care of your bike can help to reduce the risk of damage, enhance safety and performance, preserve value and lower the cost of repairs. Check your tyres and clean your bike regularly, keep up to date with routine checks and services and make sure your motorcycle is well-lubricated.



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