Choosing Between a Motorbike or Car? Why Not Both?

These days, people are open to the idea of replacing their car with something small like a motorbike. However, making decisions like this isn’t always easy, and there are some people that love the convenience of having a car. It’s great for ferrying people around, it’s fantastic for shopping trips, and you can even use it to tow other people’s vehicles. But there’s no denying that a car can be inconvenient at times. They’re expensive to run, they’re not great for short trips, and it can be annoying to find parking spaces.

This is why some people have turned towards motorbikes as an alternative vehicle. As such, there are many people that are starting to choose one or the other. But things don’t need to be like that. Instead, why not consider getting both a car and a motorbike? Here are a few reasons why it’s more feasible than you might think.

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Buying a motorbike could be cheaper than you’d think

Motorbikes are surprisingly inexpensive these days, especially because you can buy them used just like you would for a vehicle. If you check out Harley Davidson used bikes for sale, you’ll see that they are affordable and come with plenty of guarantees to ensure that you won’t get a bad motorbike. You can even look at private sellers to find even better deals, assuming you live close to the seller and can pick up the motorbike.

So before you think that buying a motorbike is too expensive, consider that it can be extremely affordable if you look in the right places. Just like you’d save money buying a used car, buying a used motorbike is usually a fantastic option for anyone that wants to save a lot of money. Keep in mind that maintenance costs are also quite low for a motorbike compared to a regular car, so that can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run as well. Furthermore, you can continue to save money with lower fuel costs as motorbikes can be more efficient at times.

If you already own a car, why not?

Many people think that the best way to get a motorbike is to sell their car. This way, you can get a big lump sum of money to spend on a new vehicle. However, selling your car is a long and involved process, and you might not get the amount of money that you’re expecting. This is because vehicles can drastically drop in value the moment you buy them. It’s not unusual to see their value drop several thousand dollars, if not more! Because of this, you aren’t really getting a good deal if you want to sell your car to buy a different vehicle.

So if you already own a car and are close to paying off the financing, then why not just keep it? It’s never a bad idea to have a car in your garage as long as you use it occasionally, and your motorbike can be used for more convenient trips.


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