6 BMW Customizations and Upgrades You Should Consider

You probably want to inject a sense of personal touch on your BMW by customizing and upgrading it to meet your tastes, preferences, style, and comfort standards. In this article, we’ll discuss BMW customizations and upgrades you should consider.

1. Aerodynamic parts upgrade

If you want to make your BMW more aerodynamic, consider customizing the front spoilers and diffusers. This will not only improve your car’s performance, but it will also enhance its looks. Select the aerodynamic parts to use depending on your car’s model.

2. Exhaust and intake system upgrades

If you want maximum engine performance capacity that boosts fuel efficiency, upgrading your fuel injectors can come in handy. Fuel injectors deliver fuel to the engine through fuel pressure regulators, spraying gasoline to the combustion chamber, which helps to enhance the engine’s power. For stock part fitted cars, the injectors don’t perform at maximum capacity, and you should consider replacing them. To get full capacity performance, be sure to choose a fuel injector that matches your engine.

3. Fuel injection upgrade

If you’re a BMW enthusiast whose car has toned-down exhaust notes, consider upgrading it to make the car sound exotic and powerful. Check out the aftermarket exhausts that can give you the desired sound. A thorough and adequate alteration on exhaust systems combined with an upgraded air intake system enables BMW to produce more power, improving performance.

4. Door LED projector lights

To improve your BMW, install projector lights at the door panels to automatically project your car logo image on the floor each time you open the doors. These lights are ideal for cars with door entry lights and can be installed in front and rear doors. Depending on your style, choose an LED projector light from the various available motifs to illuminate your doors to perfection.

To complement the LED projector lights, consider getting a rechargeable stainless steel BMW LED torch that you can plug into the 12-volt onboard socket to charge. In addition, the single LED BMW interior light is long-lasting, uses low energy, and can be used to replace the overhead light bulbs.

5. Suspension upgrade

Suspension upgrades can impact how a car looks, how it rides and how it handles. Carefully choose your suspension upgrade and, if possible, get professional advice. To know when your BMW needs a suspension upgrade, look out for leaking fluids, increased sways on windy weather conditions, rougher and bumpier rides, and tire vibrations, especially after hitting bumps and holes.

6. Brakes upgrade

When you drive your BMW hard and frequently take it to the tracks, the brakes get extremely hot, requiring frequent brake fluid and pads maintenance. If you’re a sport or track lover, consider changing the pads to more endurance ones.


Whether you’re doing car modification for comfort, style, or repair purposes, upgrades and customizations help you add a sense of personal touch to your BMW vehicle. These are some of the BMW customizations and upgrades you can consider.



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