The main world car novelties of 2022

All motorists constantly follow the latest in the world of cars. In 2022, several interesting cars are expected to be released, which are definitely worth following.


There will be a lot of high-profile premieres, interesting updates, and long-awaited launches from BMW in 2022. We are waiting for a new flagship crossover, a track version of the M4 coupe, the Active Tourer family compact, as well as news about the next round of electrification of the lineup.

The main event of the year should be the appearance of a fully electric “seven”! The flagship model with electric motors and a battery has already been tested during winter tests and is being prepared for the world show with might and main. Of course, the design is also completely ready – only it has not been shown to us yet, although we already know what to expect.

The “stuffing” (with a high degree of probability) of the i7 will be similar to the power plant of the iX crossover: two electric motors and a large 105 kWh traction battery.

But most importantly, the electric 7 Series promises to be the world’s first battery-powered executive sedan. Imagine, this niche is still not occupied! Because the Mercedes-Benz EQS is not a sedan.

Cars certainly bring us vivid emotions – good speed, high-quality interiors, and the latest technical innovations. But if you do not have the opportunity to buy a new car – you can still get bright emotions, and also make good money – we recommend that you play roulette online.

Mercedes Benz

One of the main premieres of Mercedes-Benz in 2022 has already taken place by the time this text was published. We are talking about the prototype EQXX with an incredibly low drag coefficient (only 0.18), the latest 900-volt on-board network, a compact and lightweight battery that is not inferior to traditional counterparts, solar panels on the roof, and a giant 47.5-inch screen in the cabin, across the entire center console.

EQXX lacks only serial prospects – they are very vague. Therefore, more important for Mercedes-Benz fans this year will be the premieres of several all-wheel drive vehicles: a restyled G-class with a modified “face”, Maybach EQS and EQE electric crossovers, as well as the next generation GLC SUV, spy photos of which are already walking on the Web. The latest model should get the platform and motors from the C-Class, as well as an interior with a large vertical media screen and a digital instrument panel.


The model range of Lexus also promises to expand this year. The world is still waiting for the start of sales of the next generation LX SUV, introduced in 2021. However, a much more important premiere of 2022 could be the RZ electric crossover. The novelty (it was partially shown on the teasers) is built on a common platform with Toyota and Subaru and received a corporate design adjusted for the electrical essence. The RZ will most likely be powered by the same powertrains as the Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra (217bhp in the all-wheel drive), but their output could be increased. This is indirectly indicated by the 450e index in the model designation: perhaps Lexus is preparing a 450-horsepower competitor for the Mercedes-Benz EQC.


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