11 Cars that Make for a Great Family Vehicle

The sheer number of makes available means there is a family car to suit any lifestyle and budget. Whether you’re a small family living in the city, or looking for something suitable for long trips in style and comfort, the options are limitless. But it’s also important that you do your research first, so you know you’re choosing the right vehicle. Here are 11 of the most popular family cars on the market today. 

Hyundai Ioniq

Carbon emissions are becoming more of a concern for many of us. If you are therefore looking for a practical family car that is also eco-friendly, the Hyundai Ioniq is a solid, reliable option. Ioniqs are smart, cheap to run, and offer a variety of entertainment options to liven up family road trips, including DAB radio and Bluetooth as standard. 

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 

If you still want a hybrid but prefer something more spacious, the RAV4 is an excellent choice. The RAV4 offers huge amounts of cabin and storage space, making it a great option for large families. The car is also surprisingly affordable to run for an SUV, as its hybrid engine allows for a higher-than-average mileage for a car of its size. The car also has a strong reputation for safety, and has won several awards in this category. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee

‘Leisure’ SUVs, such as the RAV4, can be ideal for traversing the suburbs. However, for coping with more difficult conditions, they are often insufficient. If you’re looking for a luxurious family car that offers the driving capabilities of a traditional 4×4, the Jeep Grand Cherokee could be a great fit. The vehicle offers the drive of a traditional Jeep but comes decked out with an array of tech and comfort features to make any trip smooth sailing. 

Jeep Renegade Limited

Alternately, if you are looking for a more rugged Jeep that is still suitable for families, you might instead consider the Renegade Limited. While slightly less built for comfort than the Grand Cherokee, the Renegade offers similar driving performance and tech, including a touchscreen and hands-free calling capabilities. The Renegade also makes up for this decrease in comfort with an array of exciting design features, comes with a sunroof, and does not compromise on safety features. If you are looking for a Jeep in the southwest, try searching “jeep dealer Utah” to find great deals on a variety of models.

Skoda Octavia

Skoda has a great reputation for safe, smooth, and spacious family vehicles. Among them, the Octavia is its best-selling model worldwide, as well as one of its most well-regarded. The car has a long history of awards as a family vehicle, and the latest model is no different. And when looking at the specs, this is no surprise, as the vehicle boasts everything you’d want out of a family car, including a huge 600-liter boot, a great safety reputation, and a comfortable interior. 

Peugeot 508

The amount of choice on the market now means you no longer need to sacrifice style or driving quality when choosing a family car. The 508 is a prime example of this. The car offers the size and utility of a traditional family SUV while resembling something more sporty. However, one drawback of the Peugeot is its lack of seat space in the back. If you are looking for something purely functional, there are likely better options on the market. 

Volkswagen Golf

Not all locations are suitable for a huge SUV or estate car, even if you do have a large family. If this applies to you, you may instead look for a chic family hatchback. In this arena, the Golf is still regarded as one of the front-runners, despite having been produced for several decades. The Golf has reliably attracted acclaim and awards for style, safety, and driving. The car is also deceptively spacious and now comes in hybrid and all-electric models, as well. 

Mercedes A-Class

The Golf is certainly a reliable vehicle, but, as one of the highest-selling car models of all time, you may understandably be looking for something more exciting and unique. Among family hatchbacks, the Mercedes A-Class is considered one of the standard-bearers for style and desirability. In terms of looks, it is at the top of its class on the inside and out. Despite its small size, for families, the A-Class is also much roomier than it first appears, both in terms of storage and cabin space. One major issue with the A-Class is its steep price point in comparison to other hatchbacks on the market, however. 

Ford C-Max

If you’re looking for something in between a compact hatchback and a spacious SUV, you might want to split the difference with an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle). And on the MPV market, the C-Max presents a solid all-rounder option for a family vehicle. The C-Max comes in 5 and 7-seater models and has a number of family-friendly design features, including multiple storage options, cup holders, and door bins. Elsewhere, the C-Max also is known for its surprisingly good driving performance for an MPV. 

Lexus NX 

Lexus has a reputation for making dependable family vehicles, and the NX is no exception in this regard. The NX is particularly notable for its build quality, which is close to impeccable. As a result, the current model, despite being in production since 2014, still has higher reliability than many cars developed today. The NX is also a hybrid, meaning the car also has strengths in terms of being fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Nissan Qashqai 

In comparison to other hybrid SUVs on this list, the Nissan Qashqai remains the most popular. Like the RAV4 and the NX, the Qashqai offers a dependably smooth drive, plenty of room for children, and hybrid assistance to boost fuel efficiency. One specific aspect of the Qashqai that stands out, however, is its array of safety features. The latest model includes autonomous emergency brakes, blind-spot assistance, and cruise control as standard. The Qashqai is also distinguished by its iconic appearance.


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