Buying a used car can be an experience that leaves you pulling your hair out and throwing your hands up in the air in confusion. Where do you start from? What should you be looking for? The answer to these questions are simple and have been answered through years of studies conducted by JD Powers. They state, year after year, that used Toyotas are at the top of their list for reliability and price.

To break it down more, there are several aspects that you need to consider. It should always start with you, though. Decide what you can afford by doing a budget. Decide on the type that you want. Car, truck, SUV, or Motor Home. Once you have those basic questions answered, get online and start searching, or drive down to your local used car dealer and get to driving some prospective vehicles.

But why choose Toyota over the rest? There are lots of makes and models to choose from. Some are good, like Toyotas, while others are not so good. Run these thoughts through your head as you are looking around.1. Maintenance-Fixing your car or truck is a regular routine that must be done. Toyotas have always shown that they are cheap to fix, that is, of course when they break down. Which is not as often as other similar models from competing vehicle makers. When you look at all the datacompiled by JD Powers you can see that when it comes to the cost of overall ownership, most of the Toyota models and years are low. Meaning that they are a sound investment that will not eat your pocketbook down every other week.2. Warranty-Many used Toyotas for sale will still have original warranties on them. If they have been pre-certified, you may even be able to get an extended warranty. Before you ask, no. Not from the endless people calling to offer you extended warranties. From the used car lot. The benefit of buying a used vehicles that are barely off the new lot is not only the reduction in cost due to depreciation, but the fact that the 3-year warranties are still available.3. Innovation-Toyota cars and trucks are always at the forefront of new technological advances. Safety features, improved handling, navigation systems, or audio streaming from a mobile device. If the technology is available to use, they will have it included in the new year. This benefits you buying a used one because they will have some top-of-the-line devices and applications already installed. No need for you to add them on.4. Life-Toyotas have been found to last an extremely long time. Motor and Wheels claims that they can last up to 300k miles, and beyond. That is an average of twenty years of life before they need rebuilt. And even then, if regular care and maintenance are performed you can get even longer lives.

Buying a used car is a great overall investment. When it is a Toyota, it is an even better investment. Many people only keep their car for a few years before trading it in for a new one. Especially those people that choose to lease, rather than buy. You can easily find a good deal on a great vehicle that is stamped with the Toyota logo.

If you still doubt the numbers, and the expert recommendations of JD Powers and others, feel free to shop around. Drive a few cars that are in the same class. You will soon find that a used Toyota will outperform many of the cars that you look at, if not all of them.



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