5 Iconic BMW Models 

BMW is renowned across the international car industry for manufacturing vehicles that consistently push the limits of automotive design and engineering. With 21,481 registered BMWs on the road, the German automaker has a strong history of refining vehicles that have met our needs in luxury, performance, and innovation for years. 

Laying claim to some of the most iconic vehicles in modern car history, BMW boasts a series of exciting design elements and modifications. In this article, we’ll explore those BMW models that have left their mark on the automotive industry:


Fit with a powerful 3.5-litre six-cylinder and bodywork that makes your jaw drop, the BM1 M series is renowned for its versatile performances that are perfect for public roads and the racecourse. The M1 offers exceptional driving dynamics and sleek bodywork that adds extra athleticism to your BMW. 

Fast. Balanced. Immense. The BM1 set the standard for BMW supercar and is an all-time classic. 

507 Roadster 

A masterclass in design and engineering, the 507 Roadster convertible has been turning heads since its introduction in 1956. Curvaceous and elegant, you’ll find a 3.2-litre V8 engine with a top speed of 122mph and 150 horsepower. 

This car propelled into the limelight and has become a highly sought-after collector’s item due to its limited production. 


This was BMW’s first vehicle in the Z-car series and is a pioneering roadster that can be enjoyed on many levels. The vertical sliding doors are indisputably its most distinguishing feature, alongside the cleverly engineered design. Complete with a 2.5-litre inline-six engine that generates 170 horsepower, the Z1 was instantly popular with BMW enthusiasts. 

Pair this with the smooth steering and easy handling, this BMW model is an admired addition to the automaker’s impressive collection. 

BMW 8 Series E31 

This first-generation BMW 8 Series is an unpretentious but extremely elegant vehicle, boasting a selection of cutting-edge features. Debuting in 1990, the impressive V12 engine offers drivers 300 horsepower and supreme performance. You’ll also find a time-integrated car phone and a 6-disc CD changer. 

If the Series 8 isn’t quite for you, other models like the Series 2 and Series 4 offer equal measures of luxury and performance. Always drive in style with a used BMW or a newer model. 

BMW i8 

The future is hybrid, and this plug-in sports car showcases the advanced technology and features BMW integrates into its newer models. Introduced in 2014, the unique lines and scissor doors are complemented by the carbon-fibre body design. 

Turn heads as you zip down the road with the i8 powertrain that is made up of a 1.5 -litre three-cylinder engine and electric motor to generate 357 horsepower with a top speed of 155mph. Hybrid cars also help the environment by reducing carbon emissions. 



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