Want to Improve Your Motorbike’s Performance? Do These Things

Riding a motorcycle is a thrill like no other, but the performance of the bike can make a big difference to just how enjoyable it is. If you can experience a smoother ride, it’s much easier to feel enthusiastic about getting on your bike when you have time to ride it. Even when your motorcycle starts off with a decent level of performance, there are still things that you might do to make it better. Whether you do some of your own tinkering or you leave the work up to the professionals, here are some of the things that you could do to improve the performance of your motorcycle.

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Get a New Exhaust

Changing the exhaust on your bike is one of the ways to enhance its performance. At the same time, you can change its appearance and how it sounds. You can benefit from advanced exhaust technology available at sc-project.com.au. Your two options are to completely replace the exhaust system or remove the muffler and add a slip-on. Changing the exhaust could make your bike lighter, which means that it also has a slightly higher horsepower than it did before. It’s important to ensure that the changes you make are designed to fit your bike for maximum performance.

Increase the Air Intake

Increasing the air intake on your bike offers you another way to improve the performance on your bike, and it could be pretty cheap and easy. A new air filter will do it for you and could also improve filtration at the same time. It’s a modification that you can do quickly, and it likely won’t cost you a lot of money to do it. Installing a mushroom head could potentially increase intake by up to 50%. It’s important to note that this could also increase fuel consumption slightly. However, adjusting your carburetor might help to correct this.

Modify the Ignition

Modifying the ignition on your bike can also help to improve its performance. The ignition system generates the spark energy that ignites the mixture of air and fuel in the bike’s cylinder. If you use a better spark plug or change the ignitor to one with a bigger control angle, you can boost the performance of your motorcycle. A gold or platinum-plated spark plug is one option, making the ignition needle finer to produce stronger sparks and reduce fuel consumption. You can also use a better quality, low-resistance high voltage cap, as well as a better ignition wire to make improvements to your ignition.

Tune Your Carburetor

Tuning your carburetor isn’t difficult to do, and it can improve the performance of your bike with just a few changes. The fuel and air screws allow you to adjust the mixture of air and fuel. There is also an idle screw, which you can use to change the idle speed of your bike. Using these screws, you can tune your carburetor to get the right settings for your motorcycle. It will help your bike to respond more quickly when you twist the throttle. It will also help you to start up your bike more smoothly, and it will help the engine to perform better while you’re riding. You might need to experiment a bit to get the settings right.

Image from Pexels – CC0 License

Update the Brakes

Being able to stop well is just as important as being on the move. Your brakes keep you and other people safe and contribute to the performance of your bike. Replacing the stock lines is one way to upgrade your brake system. Braided stainless steel lines will give you better control and a better feel. New brake pads can also be used to make further improvements, but be sure to match the material of your brake discs to the pads that you choose. You can improve both safety and performance for not a lot of money by upgrading your brake system.

Improve the Suspension

The suspension on your bike should be adjusted to improve performance too. You might not be able to do much to it if you only have simple suspension, or you might not be able to do anything. Adjusting pre-load is the first thing that you should consider, ensuring your bike is set up for your weight. If you have a fully-adjustable suspension, you can do more. This includes adjusting the compression and rebound damping to improve your suspension’s performance.

With a few simple changes to your motorbike, you can improve its performance significantly. It doesn’t take much to transform your bike and create a more enjoyable experience.


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  • Erika Brady says:

    Thanks for the advice to make the right changes to your carburetor, like tuning the idle or fuel and air screws to get the right settings. I’d imagine that it might also help to upgrade your carburetor to a better series. This way, you can get one that is new and made for the type of performance you want from your bike so you can enjoy riding it.

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