New Tech Trends Motorcycle Owners Should Expect

Summer is here, and it is the peak of the riding season. If you plan to enjoy the open roads on your two-wheeler, there is a plethora of designs and customizable tech innovations available to improve your experience. 

Most of the emerging gadgets seek to improve safety and enhance the riding experience. 

If you would like to keep up and get an insight into the tech trends making waves in the world of motorbikes, read on. 

Safety Technologies

Motorcycle safety is a priority for innovators and manufacturers. The goal is to help riders be aware of the surroundings and thus can control the bike better. But accidents are inevitable. There are emerging technologies that reduce the impact of accidents. Plus, understanding accident scene management enables you (or your motorcycle attorney) to retrieve information from these gadgets for processing claims. Here are the top safety technologies to expect.

Helmet technology

According to the CDC, helmets are the most crucial piece of safety equipment a motorcyclist could have. Helmets reduce fatality risk by 37%, risk of injury by 69%, and it could save more than $1Billion in economic costs. 

Innovators are keen to improve safety features on helmets. Some of the tech trends include:

  • Inbuilt smart-audio capabilities such as apps and Bluetooth) capabilities. They enhance communication and provide audio navigation instructions.
  • Helmets with inbuilt Augmented Reality. They provide riders with visuals of maps or speedometers.
  • Helmets with rear-view cameras. Enable riders to see blind spots. 

Electronic tire pressure and temperature monitors

Motorcycle manufacturers recommend that riders should check their tire pressure at least once a week. The rider has to find the nearest pit stop, bend over and check the pressure using a pencil-type tire-pressure gauge. But tech advancements in tire pressure monitoring have made this task easier and simpler. 

You can fit your bike with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TMPS) that provides real-time information on your tire pressure. Some even have Bluetooth technology linked to your helmet. It sends an audio message to the rider should the tire pressure require attention.

Bike to vehicle (B2V) communication

Bike-to-vehicle communication is an adaptation of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication technology. This technology enables your bike to communicate with nearby cars and share information such as speed, position, braking, and location. 

The onboard computer alerts the rider when it would be unsafe to attempt certain maneuvers like overtaking, thereby avoiding accidents. It also sends alerts to other motorcycles and vehicles about possible dangers like slippery roads.  


Airbags have improved motor vehicle safety tremendously. But for the longest time, they were unthinkable in motorcycles. After all, riders do not wear seatbelts, and motorcycles do not have a crumple zone. Thanks to technology, motorcyclists now have the option of an airbag. Riders can enhance their safety by mounting an airbag system on their bikes or wearing vests, bodysuits, or jackets fitted with one. 

Japanese motorbike manufacturer – Honda pioneered the bike-mounted airbag system. The design protects riders in a frontal collision by absorbing some of the momenta. However, the bike-mounted airbag only protects against severe frontal crashes. It may not deploy in the event of a side or rear impact. 

Due to this shortcoming, more riders are opting for wearable airbag systems, and big manufacturers Like BMW and Ducati have not let them down. For example, Ducati’s Smart Jacket provides riders with protection equivalent to seven back protectors. 

Performance-enhancing advancements

Now that you know the top tech trends that will boost your safety, check out these tech trends meant to enhance your riding experience. 

Dashboard technology trends – more information on a fancy dashboard

Previously, only pertinent information like engine speed, odometer, and vehicle speed appeared on a bike’s dashboard. The old clock-like speedometers and tachometers looked cool back then. But things are changing because that is not enough information for the modern rider.  

Thin-film LCD and full-color TFT displays are quickly replacing aging instruments. These display gadgets connect to sensors all over the bike. The sensors gather and relay a myriad of information to the rider like time, temperature, ride modes, traction control, and a lot more.

Samsung’s smart-windscreen for motorcycles is an excellent example of emerging dashboard tech trends. It is a smartphone-connected gadget mounted on a windscreen that displays vital information for the rider. The fixture displays navigation information, calls, and message alerts on the lower side of the windshield to avoid distracting the rider. Riders can choose to respond to calls or messages without stopping or letting go of the handlebars. 

Electric bike trends – better battery life and range

Many riders prefer the traditional bikes powered by fossil fuels. However, emerging technologies make electric bikes more competitive, and the tide is shifting. Below are some of the tech trends making this shift possible. 

Longer battery life and range

Previously it was hard to find an affordable electric bike that could do 100 miles on a single charge. But today, it is easy to find motorcycles with a battery range of 200 miles per single charge. Tesla claims to be ready to roll out a million-mile battery. In addition, this will be a major upgrade, since the charging can take more than 50 hours for a Tesla to become fully charged.

Rapid charging capabilities

Electric bike manufacturers are not only making specialized bike charges more available, but they are also reducing the charging time. A CCS-rapid charger could power up the battery in a high-performance electric bike to 80% in about 40 minutes. If you have an electric bike, a fast charger is worth checking out.

To conclude, technology defines the future of motorcycling

These tech trends make riding safer and satisfying. But they could create a dent in your wallet. Check with a motorcycle insurance expert if the customized gadgets would be under the coverage. Now that summer is in full swing, take the chance to customize your bike with the latest tech trends, and enjoy the riding season. After all, winter is coming.



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