There are different reasons why people ditch their local car dealers and decide to purchase their whips abroad. For you, it could be because of the price, luxury, or prestige attached to the purchase.  While for others, it could be because of the model, features, durability, or just preference.

If you have made up your mind to purchase your new whip abroad and get it shipped to your country, there are a few things you need to consider. Knowledge of these things will ease the process and ensure that you get the best deal for your car.


1. Buying the car

So you have made up your mind to purchase a Mercedes Benz CLS Class abroad. As a potential Mercedes Benz CLS class owner, you are very excited and look forward to having the car in your garage. It is recommended that you also check out Mercedes Benz CLA class as well to make sure you’re well informed but do not forget to inquire about the most frequent problems of Mercedes.However, one thing you fail to note is that the car dealer in the country you intend to purchase the car from may not be a native English speaker.

Of course, to strike a deal, both parties will need to communicate and understand each other. So, how do you communicate with someone who understands and speaks only Chinese? Or someone who isn’t fluent in your native language?

To ensure that language isn’t a major barrier between you and the dealer, you’ll need the help of a translator. Unfortunately, most car dealers lack translators. So you’ll have to find an effective alternative or hope that the dealer speaks your native language fluently.



2. Initiate contact

If you wish to buy a new car overseas, it makes sense to contact the dealership directly to discuss your needs, including the available options. If the outcome of your conversation with the dealership isn’t what you expected, don’t go through with the deal. If the car you intend to purchase is way below your budget, you can consider another dealer or negotiate with the dealership.

The reason for your conversation with the dealership is to determine if they are the perfect choice for you. Therefore, ensure you ask questions that you couldn’t figure out when conducting your research on the company. For example, do they sell the latest Land Cruiser Prado Diesel and Petrol Variants or the outdated model? What do you need to purchase the cars? Are there extra or hidden charges? How do they intend to export the vehicles? Answers to these questions will be a determining factor in your attempt to transact with such a dealership. 


3. Trust your source

Before deciding to purchase a car overseas, it makes sense to research your source. Like a professional detective, carry out in-depth research on the dealer you intend to transact with. If the dealer is from Dubai, Spain, or the U.S., you can either call their office to determine their authenticity or check their websites for reviews.

Do not buy a new car abroad if it seems like there is something off about the source. In addition, if the car is without some essential details, or you feel the source is trying to play smart by withholding some information, don’t initiate the transaction.  Also, remember that it is possible to purchase stolen cars from a dealer. So, before buying a car abroad, ensure that your source is reliable, so you don’t get into a mess you know nothing of.


4. Check emissions

Each country has different emission standards, quality control, and options for manufacturing a car. Because the emission standards vary in each country, you’ll need to ensure that the car you are purchasing adheres to the emission standard of your country.

Check the emission rating of the car and compare it with the emission laws of your country. If they are in sync, you have the green light to ship the car to your country. However, if they are conflicting, you may have to try another dealer or seek a solution. You wouldn’t want to have your car impounded or denied registration because of a simple law.


5. Rules for Right and Left Hand Cars

Each country has different sets of rules, specifications, and requirements that must be adhered to for a shipped car to be legally registered. So before you purchase a car abroad and ship it down to your country, you need to figure out these specifications and requirements.

One of them is the road vehicle configuration, which determines the steering position of a vehicle. If your country allows only left-hand cars, then it makes sense to purchase such types of cars. The same applies to if your country is a left-driving country.

Aside from the steering position, you could also inspect other features to determine if they adhere to the specifications and requirements of your country. It would be best to make these findings in time to save you the stress of shipping it back to the dealership when it becomes impossible to register the car.


6. Ship the car

So, having purchased the car, what next? Like every new car owner, you would be eager to see your new set of wheels and take it for a spin. However, you may have to wait for a few days to do that, depending on how you intend to transport the car.

Many people prefer to ship their newly bought car because it is far more affordable than transporting it by air. Shipping a car may appear like a monumental task, but if you know the ropes, you’ll enjoy the process.

If you are buying the car via a dealership, they can recommend companies for you or even decide to ship it on your behalf. However, doing so could add a huge price tag to the price of your car. So ensure you consider the shipping costs if you intend on buying a car abroad.



Buying a car overseas isn’t as difficult as it seems. However, it involves keen observation, patience, proactive planning, and good judgment. Provided you can adhere to the tips listed above, you shouldn’t find it difficult to secure your whip and ship it to your country in time for a spin! 



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    Can I get a 2011 ford transit into Canada for usage? Like right hand steering wheel right side of road driving.

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