5 Steps To File A Car Insurance Claim After A Vehicle Accident

Nobody wants to get into a car accident, but some things are just beyond one’s control. It’s best to be prepared just in case somebody bumps or sideswipes you on the road. It would be good to know what you need to do and the things you have to prepare if you ever find yourself in a car accident.

If you’ve already got involved in a car accident, you might have to speak with an attorney soon about your claim. I was reading this article about the different things that happen during a car accident. Here are some of the steps I’ve learned that you have to know when you’re going to file a car insurance claim after a vehicle accident.

  1. Get Immediate Medical Attention

The first thing that you have to do after a car accident is to make sure that you and your passengers (if you have any) get immediate medical attention. If you’re conscious and able to move without a lot of pain, your first priority is to call or get to the nearest hospital or clinic, especially if there are serious injuries involved.

Aside from saving your life or your passengers’ lives or preventing a life-scarring injury, getting immediate medical attention can help prove your claim later on. The doctors would be able to check and immediately identify if you suffered any serious or severe injuries. The insurance company will also require the medical test results and certification before they process your claim. 

  1. Take Pictures Of The Damage

If it’s at all possible and you’re able to stand up and move, you should try to take pictures of your vehicle and the other vehicles involved in the accident. Be sure to take pictures of the different angles showing the exact position of your vehicle and the other vehicles involved. It’s also important to take note of some basic information about the incident.

Here are some of the basic information that you should get:

  • Year, make, and model of the other vehicles involved
  • Plate numbers and other identifying marks
  • Name and contact details of the other drivers involved
  • The exact location of where the accident happened
  • Any traffic lights or CCTV cameras nearby
  • Any signs of traffic or driving violations by the other drivers

As stated in this URL, all of these pictures and information can serve as pieces of evidence that can help your case.

  1. Call The Police Or Highway Enforcers

The next thing that you have to do after getting information and seeking medical help is to call the police or highway traffic enforcers. It would be helpful if you’ve saved the important hotline and emergency numbers on your phone before anything happens. You should tell your family to jot down these important numbers before they head out of the house and drive away:

  • Emergency numbers of ambulance services
  • Emergency hotline of hospitals in your county or city
  • Hotline numbers of the nearest police stations and mobile units of highway patrol officers

As the officers arrive at the scene, they’ll most likely be asking questions, examining the damage to the vehicles, looking for skid marks, and taking pictures of the vehicles and the accident site. It would be best if you could tell them about what happened from your point of view. You should also get their names and the police stations where you can go look for them when you need a copy of the police report.   

  1. Talk To Those Who Saw What Happened

Before you leave the accident site, try to look around for anyone who might have been standing nearby when the accident happened. These are people who most likely saw exactly what happened at the moment of impact. They’re potential witnesses who can support your claim if you have to go to trial. Try to get their names and contact details and tell them you might need their help someday. 

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company

When your injuries have been treated and you’ve settled down, it’s time to call your insurance company to tell them what happened. They’ll most likely ask you to fill out an online form. It’s also possible that they would send a representative to see you. 

Take note of the list of requirements that they’ll give you. You’ll have to prepare these before you submit your claim. Read their online form carefully. There might be additional notes or instructions there on what you need to submit together with your application. Here are some of the basic documents that you’ll need to include in your claim:

  • Medical report of the extent of your injuries
  • Billing statement for the treatment and therapy given to you
  • Receipts of any medicines that you had to buy
  • Police report about the accident
  • Pictures or videos of what happened
  • Statements of people who saw the accident
  • An appraisal report from the insurance adjuster

When all the requirements are ready and you’ve filled out the form, you may now file your car insurance claim.


It’s easy to forget what you need to do immediately after a car accident. However, it’s important to keep in mind a few basic things you need to do such as getting immediate medical attention, listing down some basic information on what happened, calling the police or highway traffic enforcers, and talking to possible witnesses. These are all necessary for the smooth processing of your car insurance claim.


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