4 Ideas To Make Your Car More Eco-Friendly

More and more people are looking at swapping their traditional gas cars for electric cars to reduce carbon emissions and treat the environment a little better. But, although electric cars are certainly the future, many new (and we’ve used) electric vehicles are still out of the price range for many people. Just because you can’t afford an electric vehicle doesn’t mean you can’t still make your current car more eco-friendly. 

Keep It In Good Shape 

It doesn’t matter how old your current car is, you can ensure it lasts as long as possible by carrying out preventive maintenance to keep it in excellent shape. This can include small repairs or upgrades you carry out yourself or tracking it for regular checkups at a trusted mechanic so you avoid any issues getting out of hand. You can also reduce the load in the car, as this consumes less gas per journey, and in turn limits emissions to only what is necessary. 

Cut Down On Harsh Braking 

If you drive too quickly too often or even get startled by the slightest evidence of a vehicle pulling out too soon, you probably use your brakes more than you need or should. Speeding is a habit you should break regardless, but you can also find ways to cut down on harsh braking so you extend the lifespan of your brake pads and improve your safety while driving. Rather than rush everywhere you go, stick to the speed limit and take your foot off the accelerator to start slowing down. This puts less pressure on your brakes and reduces fuel consumption. 

Use Better Cleaning Supplies 

A clean car looks better, and even the oldest, most worn-down vehicles can look (close to) brand new after a morning of soapy water and squeegees. But, the average hand car wash uses more than 100 gallons of water to sufficiently clean it, while an automatic car wash uses around half of this. 

As it all ends up do0wn the drain, you realize this is a considerable waste of water, but using cleaning sprays, which average around 4 or 5 gallons, will give your car the sleek, shiny style you want. 

Convert Your Gas 

This approach is rarely considered, but if you know reliable propane services in your area, you can convert your car from gas to propane to limit greenhouse gasses. 

If this appeals to you, search for a local conversion contractor, but make sure they hold EPA certification. You’ll need to install converters and mount the tank too, which may not be p[ossible with some vehicles, but as long as you have a consistent supply of propane, you can enjoy a more eco-friendly driving experience.


Although eco-friendly driving does not provide equal benefits to what an electric car would, it can make you feel a little better about what your vehicle does to the environment. Besides this, it also boasts a financial benefit for you. By improving your driving habits and taking better care of your car, it will last longer, allowing you enough time to save up for a brand new electric vehicle when the time is right.


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