Electric Cars vs Gas Cars: Preferences of Young Generation

Which car is the best one for your needs: electric or gas? Discover the preferences of the young generation in this post. 

The world of cars is incredibly diverse. There are hundreds of producers and models you can choose from to suit your needs and preferences. However, the entire niche of this type of vehicle can be divided into two big groups. These are electric and gas cars. Which type of car is better for students? Discover the pros and cons of different cars in this post. 

Before You Start 

Choosing a car is usually a long and complicated process. You will need to compare dozens of models, explore their features, and choose the best options that fit your budget. Therefore, get ready to spend tons of free time for these purposes. 

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The Difference Between Gas And Electric Cars 

Electric cars don’t require gas for successful operation. However, they need to be charged on special stations regularly. Gas cars are traditional vehicles all of us got used to. Both options are good and reliable. However, each type of car has its benefits and drawbacks. Let’s compare the vehicles according to different parameters. 


As a rule, electric cars are more expensive than gas vehicles. However, the price of the car still depends on its model and the mileage. It is obvious that the new Ferrari will be much more expensive than a common eco-car. However, if we compare the basic models, electric cars are pricier than their gas analogs. 

But why do many students still choose green cars? The fact is that the service of this type of vehicle is much cheaper than petrol cars. Moreover, the fuel costs are significantly lower. Let’s compare the prices. Charging a green car will cost you about $400 per year, depending on your mileage. When it comes to fueling a gas car, get ready to spend from $1000 to $3000 per year. What is more, electric cars don’t require oil changes and need fewer moving parts. In other words, investing in a green car might sound more budget-friendly than buying a traditional gas vehicle. 


Electric cars are surely much more environmentally friendly than gasoline vehicles. They are also called green cars because they release little to no harmful emissions and are considered vehicles for eco-conscious students. If you care about environmental protection, it is better to choose electric vehicles with no tailpipe emissions. 

However, you might also need to know that the lithium-based batteries for electric cars require more energy on the production stage. Although this is 100% true, this type of vehicle still provides less pollution than gas-powered ones. 


Both gasoline and green cars are safe and reliable. All modern vehicles are equipped with the most up-to-date security devices and features. Therefore, if you drive carefully, both cars are safe enough. However, electric cars have one peculiar feature you need to know.

The fact is that eco-cars might not be suitable for driving in cold and severe environments. The reason is that the electric batteries used in green cars might lose more than 50% of their range in extremely cold conditions. Of course, you can warm it up, use economy mode settings, or set up particular speed limits. However, driving long distances by an electric car when it is very cold might seem a bad idea. 

Still if you have many charging stations on your way (charging is usually fast enough for most green vehicles) or if you need to drive less than 100 km per day, a green car might be an excellent vehicle even during cold and snowy winters. 

Final Words 

Both green and gasoline cars are reliable and convenient vehicles. If you are looking for a car you can buy cheap, a gasoline vehicle might be a good option. Those who would like to save money in the long term are likely to choose electric cars since they have more affordable maintenance and charging. Although green cars are much more eco-friendly, they might not be good for use in cold and severe climate conditions. 

There is no winner in the battle of these vehicles. Therefore, feel free to choose a car that suits your needs and expectations better. Your personal preferences will be a key parameter when buying an excellent car.


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