Why You Should Switch To An Electric Car!

When was the last time you considered buying a car? Most people consider buying a gas powered car when they are going out there to get a new car for the road but have you considered an electric vehicle? There are some common misconceptions about buying an electric car and the main one is that it’s too expensive. The thing is, it’s no more expensive to run an electric car than to run a gas powered option, and yet it’s now more than ever that you’ll find that it’s a good thing to run an electric car. 

If you have been a skeptic in the past, you’re not alone. You need to be thinking about whether you should listen to everyone else, or whether you should listen to the facts. Electric car ownership is now the norm for many people looking to upgrade their cars, especially as more and more people are looking to move away from buying gas. There are some things that have to be considered, from having a Tesla Powerwall dealer help you to get your new charging port installed into the home, to whether you can rely on your car for long journeys. It might seem like a high tech option for your car, but it’s not a new concept and the benefits are many. With this in mind, here are some of the best reasons that you should have to think about switching to an electric car.

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  1. The money. There are so many incentives for owning an electric vehicle. There are tax credits that you can benefit from and you can also take advantage of clean rebate projects, too. These will help you to be a part of the change for adopting clean vehicle adoption. Plug-in vehicles will help the planet to shift away from diesel and gasoline and reduce the air pollution as a result.
  2. A smooth ride. When you compare the electric vehicles to a combustion engine, you’re going to find a car that is a much smoother ride! Electric cars are quieter and it’s so much easier to listen to music or talk to passengers when the car isn’t roaring around you. Electric vehicles also have the benefit of not having gears, which means that you don’t have to worry about that stop and go jerking that comes with a gas powered vehicle.
  3. There’s no need to head to the gas station anymore. When you are using an electric car, you no longer have to go and top up the gas anymore, and you can just plug your car in and charge it in the house. That will make a huge difference to your wallet, too. You can charge your car around town and you may need to think about getting to know the charge points so you can stop in the right places. There are other charge points that are free, too, so try to figure out where they are!
  4. Less maintenance. Electric cars are much cheaper to maintain than gas powered cars. There’s no oil replacement or timing belts, head gaskets and cylinder heads to worry about. You don’t even have to worry about spark plugs. Any owner will cringe at the costs of replacing the engine of their car but electric vehicle owners don’t have that worry.
  5. Electric cars can be more reliable. Did you know that there is just one moving part in an electric car? Most people aren’t aware of that! Electric motors have far less moving parts which make them a more reliable option. Electric vehicles don’t have the same engine parts, and that means that you can rely on your car lasting the distance and not breaking down on you every few days!
  6. Fewer emissions. Without gas running the engine, a vehicle will have fewer emissions to worry about. Electric cars don’t have any carbon dioxide emissions and that’s because there’s no tailpipe. When you use an electric vehicle, you reduce your carbon footprint and you help to reduce environmental air pollution, too.
  7. It looks good. Come on, is there really any car that looks as good on the road as an electric vehicle does? They’re becoming far more popular because they look fantastic on the road, and the fact that they contribute to fewer emissions also helps that ‘cool’ factor on the roads, too.
  8. Discounts. Another option for those buying electric cars is that there are more discounts for those who want to buy electric! Who doesn’t want to save money?

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