4 Things To Remember About Car Accidents

When car accidents happen, it’s often difficult to think clearly about what you need to do and how to cope with the aftermath. No matter where the accident takes place, there will be specific actions to follow. Here are some of the things you need to know regarding accidents and what to do if you are unhappily engaged in one. If you can find all the assistance you need, the repercussions of an accident can be rapidly dealt with, and they won’t be so stressful to deal with. Read on to find out more. 

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Stay Calm

According to the professionals at The King Law Firm, if you’re involved in any type of car accident, your priority should be to maintain your composure – stay calm. Even though it may seem impossible in the heat of the moment, taking a deep breath and assessing the situation can benefit everyone concerned and speed up the process of getting assistance. Nobody benefits from panicking, and it might make things worse.

Find anybody who could be hurt, and don’t forget to examine your own body for signs of injury (in all the confusion, you might not even realize that you are hurt). Do not touch anything if you cannot avoid it, and call for help as quickly as possible. If you are hurt from a Portland car accident, you may be entitled to a personal injury claim. Learn more by getting in touch with a lawyer from Bridge City Law Firm Portland.

Look For Witnesses 

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for potential witnesses. How many people were there that saw what happened? While they are highly useful when it comes to helping with insurance claims and police questions, these individuals may also be able to provide immediate assistance by calling for medical treatment or clearing the area if it is safe to do so.

When dealing with witnesses, remember that they may be in shock after seeing the incident, so be friendly and kind with them. If they feel the need to leave, take their contact information so that you can get in touch with them later if need be. 

Perform Simple First Aid

You can perform simple first aid (cleaning cuts and abrasions, for example) if the injuries are mild and no ambulance or medical help is necessary. First aid kits should be readily available in workplaces or public spaces, so if you are near somewhere that might have one, you can ask to use it. If not, finding a restroom where you can clean the wounds should still be a top concern.

In cases when there are more significant injuries, such as a neck or back injury, it may be best not to intervene. If you’re not sure what to do, ask the operator when you call 911 to see if there’s anything you can do.

Get Help

There are many different types of help you might need after a car accident. To begin with, we’ve already mentioned the medical issues that might occur, but remember, even though you’ll be thinking of physical problems, it might be that you experience mental health issues after a traumatic event; if that’s the case, it’s essential to seek help, even if you think it isn’t related to the accident or you would rather no one knew. 

Then there are other types of help. If your car is disabled, you’ll need a tow truck to move it to a mechanic’s garage, for example. You might also need a lift somewhere. Think about the immediate next steps and contact anyone who can help you take them.




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