The Uses for Drawer Slides with 4WD Vehicles

When you own a 4WD vehicle, there will invariably be additional accessories that you will need to buy to make it practical for your purposes. One such accessory concerning the 4WD is the drawer slide or runner. They will be useful with many different kinds of trucks and trailers and with toolboxes, canopies, and caravans. There are many uses and needs for drawer slides with varying capacities, lengths of extension, and locking mechanisms.

So, let us consider further drawer slides and their use with 4WD vehicles.


When you use a 4WD as part of your work, it is useful to be able to slide out a toolbox for greater access to your tools, and then to just slide it back into your vehicle when you have finished. This will save carrying a heavy box of tools around when on a job. Tools weigh heavy and this is a good way of accessing the tools as and when you need them.


Drawer slides will be used in caravans where there is either a shallow or deep drawer. It is invaluable in a caravan to be able to store items away from view and out of your way but still have access to them. It is a confined space but one where you still want all of your items to hand.


The beauty of drawer slides on canopies is that you can have that extra extension. Canopies are a way of keeping dry whether you are on holiday when it is wet or are looking to work underneath the canopy because you are a mobile tradesperson.

Commercial Use

When we think of commercial use, we think of trucks and trailers. We will require accessories that are more heavy-dutyso that they can withstand greater use. This means seeking out quality accessories made from the best materials and that will withstand the greater weights.

To cater for commercial as well as domestic use, there are drawer slides available that will cope with carrying capacities up to 227kg. They will normally start at a capacity of 30kg, so you can see how this weight can be extended for you if you are using the canopy on a work vehicle as opposed to one used for holidaying in.

You can also choose between locking or non-locking mechanisms to cater to different needs and conditions that someone might be working in. We cannot choose the weather, and not always the situation, but we can choose what type of mechanism we go for with our drawer slide.

The drawer slides are strong and generally made from stainless steel so as not to rust. This material is highly resistant to rust and corrosion because the steel alloy will contain a minimum chromium content of 10.5 percent. By reacting with the air’s oxygen, a protective layer is formed on the stainless steel. It should be noted, however, if the stainless steel is not properly maintained, rust can still form. So, keep your 4wd and accessories well maintained, as you would with everything used outdoors and frequently.

In summary, drawer slides have many uses when you have a 4WD vehicle to consider, whether they be useful for work or during times of leisure. They can be used where toolboxespull out from vehicles rather than be something heavy to carryaround. Drawer slides are also used with caravans when the internal storage is an important consideration. Then during times of shelter, there is nothing more useful than to have a canopy that will extend via a drawer slide. Also, there is a commercial need for drawer slides where greater capacities will need to be catered for or the quality of materials will need to be durable enough to withstand all weathers and types of job.


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