11 Things You Should Do To Ensure Your Car Is Ready For Off-Road Driving

There is no denying that most SUVs and trucks are designed to handle the roughest terrains. However, driving off-road may still need some upgrades to turn your car into an off-road crusher. You never know what you might come across, and that is why you need prior preparation to keep your car rolling. Here are things you should do to ensure your car is ready for off-road cruising.

Inform your family and friends

The first thing you need to do is alert the people closest to you about your planned off-road adventure. This should let them know when to start worrying about you if you do not come back in time or communicate. You may also want to contact a car accident lawyer in case of any mishaps on your adventure.

Invest in good tires

The first and easiest upgrade to your car before you venture off the tarmac is to invest in purpose-built tires. Ensure you get deep treaded tires with the perfect grip on any surface. This will help you keep your balance in mud or snow.

Lower the tire pressure

Buying custom-built tires for an off-road trip alone may not suffice. Experts suggest that you inflate your tires when driving on smooth surfaces. This is mainly because tires require the least energy to maneuver and improve fuel economy. However, off-road driving requires tires with less pressure to absorb the impact and protect your tires from any damage. Lowering the tire pressure improves the grip and better weight distribution. 

Get some recovery gear

Investing in a good set of tires will keep you out of underlying troubles. However, you can still get stuck, and that is where a good set of recovery gear comes in. Consider buying MaxTrax traction pads to wade through loose terrains. You may also want to carry a high-lift jack, a patch kit, and a shovel that may come in handy in case you get stuck. Some work gloves should also feature high on your list.


Including a hitch on your car is an excellent idea when going off-road. Whether you plan to tow a bike or anything, a hitch should help you navigate rugged terrain more easily. A hitch offers an excellent mounting point for various accessories you need to make your off-road trip more fulfilling. 

A lift kit

Off-road driving requires enough space under your car. Raising your vehicle will improve the balance and prevent obstacles from stopping you on your tracks. Various lift kits vary, depending on the model of your car and preference. 

Top off your gas tank

Filling your gas tank before you hit the trail is a no-brainer. The last thing you want to worry about is having an empty tank when off-road. Always ensure you have enough gas to get you where you want and back. 

Carry extra fuel 

Suppose your car does not have enough capacity to carry enough fuel to and from your trip, it would be a great idea to carry extra fuel. However, you should be careful about the fuel containers you Use. It would also be a good idea to improve your car’s gas mileage

Bring a spotter

If you are going off-road, you should know the obstacles to expect from both sides of the road. Off-road driving means negotiating rugged terrain that may need an extra hand. A spotter comes with the experience of off-road driving and the limits your car can maneuver. Ensure you have someone with you to offer an extra pair of eyes and advise you on routes to take. 

Carry and emergency gear

What if the tires do not get you out of trouble? That is where you need an emergency set for unexpected situations. If you plan to head to the campsite, it is evident to carry packed food, water, and medical supplies. 

You may also need a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker in case of accidents and rollovers. A GPS kit should also come in handy when driving through unfamiliar territories. Lastly, invest in a spare battery and radio for communication. 

If you go on off-road adventures frequently in a year, consider investing in a CB radio for your vehicle. CB radios are greatly useful for safety and communication, especially in areas without mobile phone reception. Besides being helpful for emergency use, a CB radio allows you to receive updates on traffic situations from fellow CB radio users on the road. This way, you can avoid heavy traffic areas, accidents, and road work and get to your destination in no time.

Test your car

With everything set, the last thing to do before you leave is to take your car on a test drive. This should help you determine whether it is in good condition to tackle rough terrains. Check the brakes and other safety components. If it helps, you should consult your mechanic or someone with off-road driving experience to see if your car is ready for the trip. 


Off-road driving can be fun, but a more memorable experience requires road trip safety upgrades. Know the limitations of your car and fix them before you go on the adventure of rugged terrain on four wheels.


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