Best Defensive-Driving Tips To Keep You Safe

Driving can be fun, but not when a careless fellow bumps into your car without any notification. Defensive driving courses emphasize that every road user should be safe. Using defensive driving tactics can help you get better at predicting mishaps and how to respond safely. City driving in particular, can be dangerous, especially during the rush hour. So, how do you use your common sense to protect your life and that of your vehicle? Well, the following defensive driving hacks can improve your safety behind the wheel.

1. Try to respect everyone’s right of way

When you spot another driver in a hurry, don’t be obstinate about yielding them their right of way. Legally, you may be right to refuse passing drivers their right of way in some scenarios. However, such an act can also backfire on your very safety. It’s always better to let bullies go their way than to engage them in road rage. Don’t try to block other vehicles by crossing their lanes or impeding their passage. Doing that is dangerous and can cost you a tragic accident. t can lead to an accident. And if you are driving under the influence of alcohol, you might get caught. The cops may give you a DUI ticket which leads to suspension of license. You can visit for more information.

2. Obey speed limits

Speed limits are there to check dangerous driving. Legally, it’s not right to exceed a stipulated speed limit on the road. Safety-wise, excessive speeding is catastrophic. When you’re cruising down the street and come across a speed sign of 50 km/hr, driving at 60 km/hr is a big risk. The fact is that the faster your car is moving, the harder it is for you to stop it with your brakes. Speeding also drastically reduces the time you have to react to unexpected events such as animals or pedestrians crossing the road. Not to mention the fact that cops will not hesitate to charge you for reckless driving if their speed gun finds you culpable.

3. Avoid driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs

Sobriety is one of your best bets to safe driving. Conversely, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs makes you a looming threat to other drivers and road users. When you get arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, try to keep calm and find ways to beat DUI charges. For drivers who live in Phoenix or Mesa, legal experts at the Nolan Law Firm can fight for your rights and help secure your driver’s license. A DUI charge shouldn’t be the end of your driving career.

4. Avoid distractions

To stay focused on the wheel, you’ll need to get rid of distractions. Whether you’re texting, making a call, or eating, distractions can make your driving more difficult and dangerous. Consider enabling a “do not disturb mode” on your cellular devices and avoid the temptation to use your phone while driving. Reading that notification can wait until you arrive at your destination safely. When you eliminate distractions and watch the road with eagle eyes, you can be a great defensive driver.




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