Items to Keep Handy in Your Car for Every Journey

With so many vehicles on the road, when you are traveling you will want to ensure you have everything on board to ensure you can travel in comfort, are entertained but also you have everything to hand in case of a breakdown. This is essential if you have just purchased a new vehicle or have upgraded and customized your car. Getting to your destination without a hitch is important so the items below are ones that will ensure you are prepared for every eventuality. 

Empty gas can

 While you may have filled up before going on your journey, you may have underestimated the amount of gas you need. Having an empty gas can in your car will most certainly help if you need to walk to the nearest gas station.  

Spare tire

Having a spare tire is important just in case you find yourself with a puncture. It’s also important to check it before setting off on long journeys as some spare tires can become flat without you realizing it. 

Tire jack

You have the spare tire but unless you have the jack to lift the car up you won’t be able to change the tire. Ensure you carry one at all times when driving as you never know when you will need it. 


 Keep a toolkit in your car at all times. The toolkit should contain a screwdriver, pliers, hammer, and duct tape. All of these things will prove useful to keep at hand should your car break down or indeed should something need to be looked at, for example, should you require to adjust your train horn for cars which is important to use if you are in winding country roads.

Warm clothing

Should your car break down in cold weather you will want to have warm clothing to hand in case you need to walk somewhere or if you need to sit in your car awaiting breakdown help. A waterproof jacket, hat, gloves, and waterproof trousers will stand you in good stead, so keeping these in the car is essential.

Drinking water

Keep a bottle of water in your car, again if you breakdown but also it can be used to top up your radiator if needed in the event of an issue.

High energy snacks

Keep some high energy snack bars in your car again in case of a breakdown. These will keep your energy levels up if you must wait to be rescued.

Hi-vis jacket/armbands

If you breakdown into an area where there is a lot of traffic, having a hi-visibility jacket or armbands is important to ensure that oncoming traffic can see you. Even when there is little traffic, having a high-visibility jacket will assist you on dark evenings too.

First aid kit

As well as a toolkit for your car, having a first aid kit for yourself and your passengers is a must. You can purchase a first aid kit from a supermarket that already has all the essentials contained within it, this saves you time and effort putting one together yourself.



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