Essential Travel Equipment for your Baby

Welcoming a new child into your world needn’t mean you have to curtail your lifestyle. Whether it’s visiting friends and family, shopping or using public transport, being able to transport your child with ease will allow you to get on with your day while caring for your young child.

In this article, we will look at some essential equipment to easily carry and transport your baby making your life that much easier.

Baby Carrier

The beauty of a baby carrier is that it allows you to go ‘handsfree’, giving you the freedom and ability to get things done while still caring for, and holding your baby. While wearing this practical accessory you can go about your daily tasks such as carrying out household chores, going on outdoor walks with friends and even continuing your love for travel with your baby by your side.

This close proximity can also be soothing for your baby and can help to foster the bond between you both. Studies have also shown that this closeness can help newborn babies regulate their heartbeat, temperature and breathing patterns.

There are different types of baby carriers available each allowing you to comfortably carry your baby:

·       Wraps: Replicating the feel of the mother’s womb, this lengthy piece of fabric is wrapped around both your body and your baby’s to create a safe and snug environment for your child. This is a particular favorite for newborn babies.

·       Slings: Another carrying technique for your baby also involves a long piece of material that is commonly worn across one shoulder and secured across your front, creating a cozy pouch for your baby to rest in.

·       Meh Dai carriers: Also known as hybrid carriers, allow you to carry your baby on your front, back and even your hip. Originating in south-east Asia, this type of carrier made of fabric consists of a waistband and long shoulder straps that are tied around your body and held securely in place with a double knot.

·       Soft Structured Carriers (SSCs):  A popular choice with many parents, most SSCs come with the option to be worn on the front or like a ‘baby backpack’. With their padded, adjustable shoulder straps, SSCs create a comfortable space in which to position and support your baby. Many SSCs are designed for carrying older babies.

Baby Car Seat

Driving is another activity that can easily be undertaken with your baby in tow.  Communicating with your baby as they drive alongside you can be a joy for any parent as they securely fasten their child in their car seat next to them.

Baby car seats are usually forward-facing, rear-facing or convertible. When making your purchase consider buying one which your child can use until they grow out of the need for a baby carrier. Ensure it meets the necessary safety standards required by being approved and certified and carefully follow the instructions when installing the carrier into your car.

If you feel more comfortable asking an expert to do this for you then seek out an accredited child car seat installer in your area.

Now that you have the essential equipment to transport your child, you can easily blend parenthood with everyday life.



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