10 Tech Innovations that Prevent Serious Car Accidents

As more and more innovations are sparking up the tech world these days, some automakers equip cars with innovative technologies to make people’s life easier and safer, and many of these innovations help prevent car accidents.

According to Yosha, Indianapolis car accident lawyers, many significant innovations used for car accident prevention have lowered traffic accident rates throughout the years. The good news is that many new technologies are coming to us to help us drive safer and avoid accidents. While these systems cannot completely eliminate human error, reckless driving, and poor decisions, they are certainly making a significant change. 

Here are the ten best technologies to help you avoid serious car accidents.

1. Autonomous Emergency Braking

Autonomous emergency braking systems have reduced rear-end collisions by as much as 25%. These systems detect dangerous situations such as a car suddenly braking or swerving out of the lane. Once it detects such activity, this system will warn the driver and activate the brakes. If the driver fails to respond in time, the system will automatically brake.

2. Forward Collision Warning System

Forward collision warning systems integrated into most cars can detect objects moving toward the vehicle. If such an object is detected, the system will activate the brakes to prevent a possible accident. It helps the driver to react quickly and avoid accidents.

3. Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control is an automatic system that constantly monitors the distance between the car and other vehicles. If the distance between them gets too close, it will automatically apply the brakes to maintain a safe distance.

4. Lane-Keeping Assist System

The lane-keeping assist system is a vehicle service that keeps you on your lane even if you are distracted or otherwise lack focus. It helps prevent cars from drifting out of their lanes and crashing into another vehicle in front of them.

5. Blind Spot Detection Systems

Blind spot detection systems help you avoid accidents by warning you when a moving vehicle is nearby in your blind spot. They allow you to adjust your speed or brakes to avoid any possible collision. It helps prevent collisions resulting in serious injuries or worse.

6. Rear View Camera

The rear view camera system helps the drivers back up their cars without backing into the car in front of them. If a moving vehicle detects in the rear view camera’s field of view, it will begin beeping to alert you. It helps prevent accidents and reduce road accidents by a significant degree.

7. Cross-Traffic Alerts

Cross-traffic alerts are designed to help prevent accidents when backing out of your driveway. The system beeps when it detects a moving vehicle or animal behind the car. It helps alert you before you back into anything in your path.

8. Electronic Stability Control

Electronic stability control is an automated system that helps prevent skidding and sliding sideways. This technology reduces the chances of a car flipping or rolling over in case of an accident. It works by detecting the car is unsteady and when a skid is about to happen and automatically corrects the steering to help the driver regain control.

9. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire pressure monitoring systems help avoid accidents by keeping track of tire pressure, especially in case of punctured tires. When the air pressure drops below a particular level, it will automatically alert the driver. It helps prevent accidents and reduce potential injuries.

10. Auto-Dimming Mirrors

Auto-dimming mirrors reduce the chances of accidents by reducing the driver’s chances of being distracted. In addition, this technology reduces the glare of light behind you when driving during the day. It also helps reflect light coming from streetlights and headlights at night, thus increasing your visibility to other drivers on the road.


These significant automotive tech innovations can help drivers avoid crashing into stationary or moving objects and people, stay in their lane, control their vehicles, and more. Nevertheless, practicing defensive driving, following traffic laws, and avoiding everything that might impair your driving (alcohol, drugs, some medication, etc.) are still some of the best methods to stay safe and protect others on the road.


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