Compact SUVs for Everyone

The roads feel like they’re getting more and more crowded, so when you’re thinking of buying a new car you want one that feels safe. You also need a car that’s big enough to cope with the family and a dog but small enough to cope with urban driving and more importantly urban parking spaces.

In this blog we’re looking at SUVs that can be found on the smaller end of the scale. Not built for rolling around in the mud but for tackling city life.

Mazda CX-5

We like this crossover a lot. From the smooth driving position to the superior interior finish, this compact SUV does not feel like a trade down.

It’s also got a decent engine, with enough power to speed you along the open road without feeling like you’re dragging a heavy load behind you. It doesn’t have a huge amount of trunk space but for the design and performance alone make this smaller SUV is a great buy.

Toyota RAV4

This classic has a lot more cargo space and is an all rounder when it comes to performance and looks. It’s not as sporty as the Mazda and you won’t get the same power but it’s a comfortable if not slightly noisy ride. A great, high up driving position will help you to feel safe and sound.

A great family car that has been redesigned for this year.

Ford Escape

Admittedly, Ford is not the first name on people’s lists when it comes to SUVs but this model is certainly worth some consideration. It has a decent interior and a sporty engine which gives you the power you’ll need in any driving situation. The cargo storage too is good, which helps but what lets it down is the fuel economy which, although not a disaster, isn’t as good as some of its nearest competitors.

Kia Sportage

This brand has become an increasingly popular choice and the latest Sportage model is a strong contender for the top spot. Compact and lithe, the Sportage is comfortable, quick and has a decent infotainment system. The trunk space isn’t as large as the Toyota but it’s a good looking, responsive vehicle.

GMC Terrain

Not famed for their looks, the GMC is nevertheless a good SUV. We like the advanced safety features of the GMC and the nicely designed interior. You’ll be able to stretch out with plenty of legroom but what makes the GMC a harder choice is the slightly sluggish engine. A good choice for the city, less so if you’re looking to pick up the pace quickly on open road.

With so many to choose from, find the right SUV is quite a job but when you’re looking for a safer, whole car with no worries over accident history or fake car parts make sure to talk to a dealer you trust and drive away a compact SUV that gives you the space and performance you need for a perfect ride.


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