Keeping Safe: The Keys to Defensive Driving

When you are out there driving, you have to think about yourself and the people in your car and keeping them safe. But you also have to think about the other road users and pedestrians by the roads that you are driving on. Being able to keep everyone as safe as possible is going to make such a difference, which is why driving defensively can be a good idea to help you to stay safe. Doing so can reduce your risk of crashes, as well as lowering your risk to anyone else when you’re behind the wheel.

Of course, you can’t always account for the actions of others, and they may do some things that you can’t avoid that can lead to accidents. The good news is that along with insurance and a good auto accident attorney, you can usually make things right. But here are some defensive driving tips to help you to reduce as much risk as possible.

Stay Focused

There is a lot involved when it comes to driving and vehicle, and as such, it is mainly a task that involves a lot of thinking. So you need to be able to stay focused. There can be a variety of conditions that you have to drive in, so making sure that you can keep focused is what is going to help. Of course, distractions like being on the phone are a big no, so make sure that it kept off or away (or pull over if you have to make or take a call). Make sure that passengers aren’t too distracting either, so that you can focus on what you need to do.

Don’t Drive Tired

We see all the ads telling us to not drive tired and to take breaks, but how often do we actually not even pay attention to that? We can often feel fine, but then be out on a long journey and realize that we’re not as alert as we thought we were. If this is the case, it is time to pull over and take a nap. Loud music and keeping the temperature down in a car can also help you to stay more alert if needed.

Match Your Speed

Speed limits are there for a reason, but even on some roads, they can be way over what is safe to be driving. Which is where matching your speed to what you can see comes in. On a country road the speed limit for the road can be quite high, but with it being a twisty and turning road, it can mean that going the speed limit would be dangerous as you can’t see far ahead. So in instances like that, you should match your speed to what you can see, rather than just going as fast as you can, just because the speed limit applies.

Think Worst-Case Scenario

You can never rely on other drivers, so for defensive driving, you have to think about what the worst-case scenario is. Don’t presume people won’t run a red light or that someone will let you merge. Just base your reactions and driving on what happens at the time; don’t presume what others will do.


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