Gadgets For People Who Spend A Lot Of Time In Their Car

Taking your car interior to the limits doesn’t have to be about the leather trims or the lowrider seats. The amount of brilliant tech and gadgets you can get for inside the car now is impressive. Some are designed to help you drive safely, others are designed to lower your car insurance. Others are just good old-fashioned fun. However, one of that is going to matter if you’ve not been driving safely and ended up being charged with a DUI, or another driving offense. That said, let’s take a peek at some of the cool stuff available!

The chances are you’ve all seen those movies, a recent on is Baby Driver. Where he dons some fancy driving gloves before pullings some phenomenal handbrake turns. Although some might view driving gloves as a fashion statement and nothing more, that isn’t technically true. They not only keep your hands warm on those frosty mornings, but that can help your grip on the wheel too. You can even get yourself a pair in the same colour as your car – for extra cool points.

Long journey coming up? Need a nap? No problem! Use your car as the base for a snooze when the moment arrives. Using a rooftop hammock. The rooftop hammock stand is made from aerospace-grade aluminum. It attached securely to the roof of the car and can support a standard-sized hammock.

Make your car a little smarter with Anker’s Roav VIVA. You can hook it up to Alexa and have an intelligent voice service at your beck-and-call. Aside from music streaming, quick navigation, and being able to turn your smart lights on a home… You’ll feel a lot like your driving Kit from Knight Rider.

If you’re the type of person who takes the opportunity to swing by the drive-thru at a moment’s notice but end up trying to grab your burger as it rolls out the bag into the footwell, then this might just be for you. The Car Swivel Tray and Storage Bin provides the ideal space for your hot food. You can place it between you and your passengers and have the fries nice and hot. Although, perhaps it is worth just parking up and eating them in comfort instead.

Get rid of that damp car smell, and get the air in there a little cleaner. You can get an easy to install car air purifier to get rid of those odors, smokey smells, and any bacteria. If you find you and your passengers often trapped in nose-to-bumper traffic, this will help that tailpipe stink that fills up the car.

If you work a lot on the road and find it awkward having to send emails with your laptop balanced on the passenger seat, or wedged on the dashboard then check out the WheelMate Extreme. You can use it for placing a hot coffee on while your waiting in the car, or make a start on your life story, latest blog post, or those emails you need to tend to. It will easily support a small laptop or tablet.

What are your must have car gadgets?


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