Refocusing, Not Relearning: Driving With Care And Attention Again

It’s a stereotype that we are lumbered with, unfortunately. The stereotypical “Audi driver” is not perceived as the safest of drivers. And due to the sheer force we have, we can invariably get caught up in a near miss from time to time. This isn’t exclusive to us; we all know that every driver has their own bad habits. But, if you had one too many near misses recently, especially during the holiday season, is there any way for you to get back into the mindset of driving with a bit more due care and attention?

Learning From Other People’s Mistakes

We can get caught up in that engine bravado with other vehicles on the road, and this can be a very simple way to distract us from the road ahead. But when we get caught up in the fun of a little friendly competition with other drivers on the roads, an accident may be around the corner. The best way for us to learn how to drive a bit more safely again is to look at the statistics. Accidents on the road result primarily these days from distracted driving, not to mention the usual culprits like drink driving. And you can get some help from Brauns Law if you’ve found yourself in a similar predicament recently. But let this be the lesson, don’t focus on everybody else. Take the opportunity to look at what you’re doing, instead of blaming others for near misses.

Focusing On Your Faults

We don’t like to admit we have any faults behind the wheel. After all, if we get somewhere in one piece, that means we’re safe, right? While the vast majority of Audis have some great safety features, we’ve still got a responsibility to ourselves and our passengers. Nobody likes to look at their own misgivings, but taking the time to look at what our general daily habits are behind the wheel, we can begin to make some changes.

Remember, It’s A Constant Lesson

The big mistake we all make is that once we’ve passed our driving test, is that we don’t need to learn anymore. Whether we’ve upgraded our vehicle recently, or we’re relying a little bit too much on lane assist functions, driving is a constant lesson. We all see numerous idiots out on the road, and we can either become one of them, or we can learn from the mistakes we’ve made in the past. And driving an Audi means that, from time to time, we are subject to some unsavory opinions and clichés. The stereotypical Audi driver feels that they own the road, and everybody else is irrelevant. But instead, if we are looking to make big changes to this stereotype, then perhaps it’s time we set a better example on the road?

We’re all guilty of these mistakes from time to time, but as we improve our skills behind the wheel, and take the opportunities to look at the bad driving habits we’ve acquired over the years, then we can learn to drive with due care and attention again. It’s not about relearning to drive, but it’s more about refocusing.



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