Things You Should Never Do Behind the Wheel

If you want to complete your journey safely there are some things you should not do when you are behind the wheel. The largest single cause of car crashes in the US is drivers being distracted, and that is exactly what trying to do something else does. With the speeds cars are traveling at it can take just three seconds of distraction to cause an accident, and you need to avoid the common things that will make this more likely to happen.

Put Your Cell Away

You cannot be texting or messaging on your phone and watching the road ahead. The two things just do not work together and you should turn your phone off while driving, or at the very least, put it on silent and wait till you stop to see if you have anything important to deal with.

While you are watching what is happening on social media a child could run out in front of your car, or the car in front could have to stop suddenly and you will have hit them before you realize what has happened.

Don’t Drink Alcohol Before You Drive

Alcohol affects your motor skills and your judgment, which means you do not drive so well when you have been drinking.  If you plan on driving avoid alcohol, or if you have had a drink get a cab home. If not you could end up with a DUI, which is a serious offense, and you may need to hire a top rated DUI lawyer if you are to stand any chance of having the charge reduced or dismissed. That’s the best case scenario too – at worst you could seriously injure or even kill yourself or others. Is it really worth it?

Don’t Discipline Your Children

Children get bored easily and it is not unusual for them to misbehave in a car, especially if it is a long journey. You cannot concentrate on what is happening in the care and what is happening outside of it. A better option is to find somewhere safe to pull over, discipline your children and then continue on your way.

Do Your Hair And Makeup Before You Leave Home

You may be surprised just how many people try to get ready for their day ahead while they are driving. It is not unusual to see women trying to put their makeup on or men having a shave, just because they could not spend a few more minutes at home. This is so dangerous and although many of you may find it unbelievable, sit a the rush hour traffic for a few days and you will see more than one person do things like this.

Try To Pick Something Up

If you drop a CD or your sunglasses on the floor, leave them there until it is safe to stop and pick them up. Having to lean down to retrieve them means that your eyes off the road totally, and if you should bang your head on the way back up, you will not be looking at the road for even longer.

Basically, you should not do anything that takes your concentration away from driving and that includes, easting and drinking too.


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