Staying Safe When Using Rideshare Apps

There is no denying that Uber and Lyft have done for transportation what delivery services have done for the food industry. The marriage of technology and transport to enable people to get from A to B easier has opened up a new way of travel that is easy and convenient.

Over 30% of Americans have used rideshare services, and companies such as Lyft and Uber make up nearly 10% of the miles traveled in the US each year. With the market only set to flourish in the coming years and more people experiencing the convenience of ridesharing apps, it pays to know how to keep yourself safe when using these services to help you get to where you need to be and avoid getting in a car that is fraudulently claiming to be your ride or in the event of an accident.

Whether you’re using these services for the first time or you want to increase your safety when riding in a stranger’s car, these tips can help you stay safe when traveling.

Request A Ride From A Safe Place

Book your ride while indoors or in a busy well, lit place to reduce the time you are standing waiting around for your ride to show up. Standing outside can leave you vulnerable and alert people to the fact you are alone waiting for a lift which can increase your chances of someone trying to scam you into thinking they’re your ride or leaving you vulnerable to crime.

Turn Your Location On

As soon as you request your ride, it can be a good idea to turn on location services on your cell phone if you don’t have them on already. This can allow others to track your movements, especially if you share this with someone or the emergent services to find you if there is an accident. This can be helpful if you need an uber accident lawyer in the event of the driver causing your injuries through a road traffic collision. Being traceable isn’t something people want to be most f the time, but if you are getting in a car with someone and unsure of your safety, it can be a good option.

Make Sure The Details Match

Uber rides can only be booked directly via the app. The app will tell you the driver’s details, including the license plate, photo, and name. Make sure the details of the car and driver you get into match that of the app. Uber and Lyft verify all of their drivers, and they have to go through extensive checks to be accepted onto the platform. If anything untoward happens, you will be protected if you are in the right car.

Don’t Say Your Name

It can be tempting to double-check your name when your ride arrives; however, avoid asking if they are here for you by telling them your name. Simply ask them who they are here for. If they are your ride, they will confirm your name. If not, then this isn’t your ride, and you can double-check the app for more details.

Trust Your Instincts

If something doesn’t feel right or you are unsure of anything, you have the right to request the trip be cut short or that the driver lets you out in a safe location. Report anything untoward in the app if you feel you need to so you can alert others and the platform of your experiences.



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