Uber and Lyft Rideshare Safety Tips

The popularity of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft helps enable a level of travel ease and convenience thought to be impossible just years ago. However, there are always safety risks involved when stepping into a stranger’s vehicle. With these helpful tips you can learn how to safely prepare yourself before every ride and even become confident dealing with rideshare accidents. 

Verify Your Ride

Both Lyft and Uber take proactive steps to ensure their drivers have passed multistep background checks, along with ongoing driving history checks. Also, rideshare companies have worked with law enforcement to provide specific precautions to maximize the safety of your ride.  

– Request from inside. This will minimize the amount of time spent vulnerable outside when you’re waiting at your designated pick-up location.

– Check your vehicle’s make, model, and license plate number. Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare applications all provide your driver’s vehicle information once a ride is confirmed. Make sure to double check and confirm all this information with what’s listed in the app before stepping into any vehicle. 

– Have the driver confirm your name and match their face to their profile image. Asking your driver “who they are here for” will ensure they are your verified driver because they should have access to your name listed in their rideshare app. You can also use this time to verify their name and face to their Uber or Lyft profile.

– Share your location. Uber has a specific feature within their app called “Share Trip Status” that allows you to forward the driver name, license plate number, and your location with a personal contact. Lyft allows you to add “trusted contacts” to safety settings to share your location as well. Both features enable the constant safety and security of each individual ride.


Preparing for Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare accidents can be very frightening and confusing due to the relative newness of ridesharing as a concept. Nevertheless, they still happen and it’s important to prepare yourself to understand how to proceed if one occurs. Here are a few rideshare accident safety tips:

– Contact emergency medical care providers. Some states, such as Florida, require by law to notify police in the event of significant property damage or physical injury resulting from a car accident. Otherwise, whether the extent of your injuries is major or minor, getting official documentation is important for legal purposes to ensure fair compensation.  

– Use photos or notes as evidence. Photos and notes of the accident itself can also be a significant asset to your legal case. Injury documentation, paired with photos and notes of what occurred, strengthen your proof against the driver or rideshare service. Like any car accident, obtaining copies of police reports, driver contact information, and license numbers is important as well. 

– Avoid formal statements or signatures involving insurance companies. A driver may ask for a formal insurance statement or signature on their own behalf. It is important to withhold making any formal statement without consulting an outside party or going over the full extent of the accident information you deliberately collected.

– Contact an experienced rideshare attorney. To take full advantage of the information you have and ensure your best possible outcome, contact an experienced rideshare accident lawyer to help guide you through your case. If your injuries are severe, navigating confusing state laws and accident details is much easier with the right legal advice.


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