The Bakflip Tonneau Cover Review

The BAKFlip Tonneau Cover or Truck Bed Cover is the latest creation of hard, folding multi-pane truck bed covers that are found in the market. It is made by BAK Industries which is where it got its name from. There are other different versions of BAKFlip tonneau covers, namely: BakFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover, BAKFlip G2, BAKFlip HD, BAKFlip CS, and BAKFlip F1.

Take pleasure in all the safety measures of a locking hard truck bed cover and have instantaneous access to your whole truck bed! The pioneering BAKFlip cover collapses all the way forward and up against the truck’s back cab (rear window) allowing you access to all of your truck bed without having to remove the cover. The BAKFlip is also easily detachable with 2 fastening handles and is only 40 lbs heavy. In addition to this, The BAKFlip Tonneau Cover does not get in the way of stake-hole pockets on your truck, so it works ideally with side rails, tie-downs, and overhead truck racks.

Advantage of BAKFlip Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

• The BAKFlip pickup bed cover is relatively lightweight and yet is still incredibly strong.

• It is tough and cannot be sliced through.

• The locks and bolts are hidden away.

• It can be installed in minutes even without drilling.

• It ships UPS, regardless if it is a long bed super duty.

• Folds completely forward.

• It offers full access to stake compartments.

• The BAKFlip truck cover works with racks and rails, unlike other covers.

• It sits neatly inside the rails, as compared to most covers that sit above the rail of the truck.

• It is both ding and scratch-resistant.

• The BAKFlip truck bed cover has a patented drainage system for the purpose of double insurance against leakage.

• It is offered to the market at really reasonable prices when compared to traditional hard and soft covers.

Only the BAKFlip tonneau cover possesses all the excellent features of a truck bed cover. Regardless if it is a sporty stealth look or the sensibleness of a cover that essentially disappears when you need the entire truck bed, the BAKFlip truly does it all!

According to some user reviews, these are the disadvantages that they have encountered with the BAKFlip Truck Cover:

Some say that some water will get in, in contrast to the manufacturer’s claim that it is sealed tight (watertight).

Others say that sometimes there is a sealer problem with some applications. When Bak Industries was informed about this concern, however, Bak sent them some different thicknesses of sealer, which was able to solve the problem.

So far, these are only minor disadvantages that users have observed with the product. In total, this product is considered a good buy for all truck-loving people and will be considered worth their money to purchase.


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