In the truck industry today, the major manufacturers secretly game, dangerous, win is born, defeat is out of the market, truck manufacturers seek output good cargo based on the market. With the progress of the times, each cargo enthusiasts to the cargo requirements are certainly higher, there are not enough characteristics that will easily be ignored by you. Focus on access to spiritual enjoyment today, only to find the goal of their development, to achieve the cranes, as sitrak C7H 540 horsepower + ZF 12 gears, 10 years still keep the value. sitrak C7H is an important strategic investment of Heavy Duty Truck in heavy tractors, relying on its unparalleled driving comfort, fully considering the needs of buyers increasingly inclined to the appropriate ride experience, so sitrak C7H gets good feedback from the market.

Truck brand SINOTRUK- SITRAK tractor trucks/heads tractor trucks/heads 
Drive system 4×2  
Gross vehicle weight 6800kg
Tow weight 35000kg
Dimesion(mm) 6220*2496*3410


The appearance of sitrak C7H is the perfect display of the latest planning language of Heavy Duty Truck, and its dead-end appearance design renders the beauty to the fullest. Its front design follows the current international popular design style, and the rear seems to be less spirited than the front, but it shows a kind of introverted beauty. The side shape moves with the wind to show a swooping visual effect, and the wheel rims are perfectly coordinated with the body, making people shine. Equipped with a G7H cushion, the cushion is planned to be humanized, the driver’s body is surrounded, and whenever driving to a worse road, the cargo does not appear to sway due to the soft chassis and better suspension support. Air conditioning effectiveness is also good, heating efficacy is particularly good, the sound insulation in the cargo is quite good, plus the sound quality of the audio is good.



For handling and power, the 12.4L China Heavy Duty Truck 6-cylinder diesel inline engine of sitrak C7H is used, and the drive form is 6X4, allowing it to reach a maximum horsepower of 540. The transmission performance, using ZF 12-speed transmission, a total of 12 gears, the power performance is very stretchy and stable. At the same time, based on the excellent tuning skills of Heavy Duty, the transmission and the engine have a perfect match. The power output is linear and responsive, without any sense of dragging, and the driving experience of the driver is immediately and significantly improved. The maximum torque reaches 2500 and the top speed reaches 101 km/h, which is completely crushing than its core rival SITRAKC7H. Overall, the power and handling of the sitrak C7H have strong features in its class. In terms of power and substantial driving experience, the 10.5L engine is very strong at speed, the throttle response is quite positive, and the rear axle speed ratio reaches 3.036, enabling it to achieve a maximum horsepower of 440.

Engine power 320hp 
Emission standard Euro 4 
Engine SINOTRUK MC11.32-40

Cargo box

When it comes to this aspect of cargo strength, the loading ability is of course remarkable. The whole vehicle’s three circumference data is 7095 × 2496 × 3980 mm, 3200 + 1400 mm wheelbase added to the body of sitrak C7H, and a total of 40 tons of cargo boxes can be pulled. In terms of riding comfort, the designers have made great efforts on the sitrak C7H, and the wheelbase has reached the class-leading 3200+1400mm, which provides ample protection for the longitudinal space inside the vehicle, making the headspace more than 1 fist after the driver’s seat is adjusted to sit properly. Four-point airbag suspension, airbag shock-absorbing seat, seat package planning humane, the body is wrapped up, every time you go to the fine rotten road, shock absorption system does not let people down, the driving posture is relatively smooth. SITRAKC7H dump truck dimensions reach 9572*2550*3500mm, the wheelbase reaches a similar leading 1950+2525+1350mm, and the total tractive mass reaches 31 tons. For comfort, the SITRAKC7H dump truck has greater competitiveness in the same class due to the careful design of the Shantou Truck, and the driving position cab is extraordinarily comfortable and spacious.

Number of cylinders 6  
Displacement 10.518L

Driving feeling and fuel consumption

SITRAKC7H dump truck is not an idle person in control, although the whole vehicle reaches 8.8 tons, the steering wheel feels good, control is SITRAKC7H dump truck has to mention one of the flash points, even if hanging full 31 cargo, but the steering wheel grip is moderate, but precise steering, there is no false position. The windshield is very hard and still confident at high speed. Overall, the SITRAKC7H dump truck does make for a lot of fun driving. The cornering is steady, the roll is small, and the driving is fun. In the final analysis, SITRAK C7H can bring owners good driving quality. For energy consumption, sitrak C7H has 30.29L of 100km energy consumption play. When driving on urban roads, affected by speed and traffic lights, fuel consumption is 17.35L, and the fuel consumption of a full load is relatively low, only 43L up and down. A kilometer of fuel costs 2.1, a full load of 2000km fuel consumption of just 860L, spending less than 4300 fast, for a 40-tonne gross vehicle mass of heavy tractors, fuel economy is indeed a major feature of the sitrak C7H.

Fuel  Diesel 


The transmission is also exceptionally smart, changing gears quickly, and gears reach as many as 12, daily driving without stuttering. And under the outstanding tuning skills of Shantou Truck, the transmission, and the engine gets certain articulation. When the throttle is pressed deeply, there is a constant supply of power to meet the driver’s requirements for “driving fun”. With a maximum torque of 2100 and a top speed of 90 km/h, the SINOTRUK SITRAK C7H dump truck is slightly better than its strong rival, the Haohan N7G. On the whole, the SITRAK C7H dump truck’s powertrain allows the driver to make the most of it.

Transmission ZF16S221,16 forwards and 2 reverse 
Rated speed 1900RPM tractor truck tractor truck tractor truck 
Maximum speed 101km/h tractor truck tractor truck tractor truck tractor truck 


This SITRAK C7H has a sun visor on the top of the cab, while the sides are fitted with an integrated adjustable mirror set and a low bumper underneath. It is also worth noting that there is a reasonable distance between the pedal and the upper grip under the front grille, which makes it very easy to clean the front grille and cab glass. The shaped headlight cluster and the fog lamp underneath are clearly angled, and the headlight cluster has integrated high and low beams and LED daytime running lights inside. When the daytime running lights are turned on, the arc-shaped light strip not only makes the light set more coordinated but also makes the lighting brightness alone, even on rainy days with low visibility.

Wheelbase(mm) 3600mm 
Gross vehicle weight 6800kg
Tow weight 35000kg
Tire 6 pc


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