Practical Ways To Drive Down The Cost Of Running A Car

The cost of living is rising, and many people are looking for ways to make savings. Fuel prices have increased and inflation rates are high, which means that drivers are feeling the pinch. If you’re looking for ways to save, here are some practical solutions to drive down the cost of running a car. 

Shop around for insurance

If you’re looking for an insurance policy for a vehicle you’ve just bought or leased, or an existing policy is due for renewal, it’s always beneficial to shop around. Resist the temptation to save time and effort by opting for the first quote or automatically renewing your plan. You can use online comparison sites to find the best deals. If you have a policy, and you’re happy with your provider but there are better offers out there, contact them and see if they will match the offer. When you’re using comparison sites, use the filters to narrow down your options and focus on the best value offers, rather than the lowest prices. Choose reputable insurance companies with an excellent track record and high review scores. 

Keep up to date with vehicle maintenance

Spending money on routine services and basic vehicle maintenance is an excellent way to save money in the long term and boost your car’s resale value. Keep up to date with services and inspections, and seek advice from professionals like those at if you notice any unusual smells or sounds, or your car isn’t handling or driving as well as normal. Services often flag early warning signs and addressing minor issues can reduce the risk of serious problems, which are more expensive to remedy. 

Cut down on short journeys

Many of us are reliant on cars to get from A to B. We’re accustomed to jumping into the driver’s seat to get to work, run errands or visit friends and relatives, but we might not always need to take our cars out. If you’re only traveling a short distance, why not consider walking, jogging or cycling? Cutting down usage will save you money on fuel and it can also be hugely beneficial for your health. It’s also worth thinking about sharing lifts if you drive to work or take the kids to school and you live near colleagues or other parents. 

Consider going green

If your lease is coming to an end, or you’re thinking about swapping your car, consider going green. Buying or hiring an electric or hybrid car may be more expensive in the short term, but it could save you a lot of money on running costs in the long run. Calculate costs based on how much you use your car and the type of vehicle you drive and compare quotes. For more information about electric cars, take a look at this article

Living costs are rising, and it has become more expensive to keep a car on the road. If you’re looking to save money, simple changes can make a big difference. Shop around for the best insurance deals and keep up to date with vehicle maintenance. Cut down on short journeys and consider going green.


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