How to Select a Good Garage Service for Your Vehicle – Top Tips

Everyone knows how crucial it is to look after your vehicle – especially if it’s over three years old. It is critical for the fact that your safety depends on it – not to mention the safety of your passengers, other road users, and pedestrians. Now, if you have a new car, it’s relatively easy to maintain; after all, you’ve probably got a dealership to go to in your local area. But once your car or vehicle reaches a certain age, you will most likely choose from among the local garages – and who’s to say the one you choose is good? Unfortunately, many garages don’t live up to our standards and end up being a disappointment rather than a trusted ally. So if you want to ensure the garage you select is worthy, here’s how to choose a good garage service for your vehicle – top tips.

Do a local search

When you search, you can rely on good old word-of-mouth – but try to go beyond this and search online. Doing so will give you some recommendations based on your local area, and if you look for a garage that’s near you, it won’t be too inconvenient or a hassle to get to once your car is done being serviced or repaired.

It would be in your best interest if you could ask around first – ask family and friends and try to look for reviews online. Here’s the thing: even if the same garage has serviced your car or vehicle for a long time, it won’t hurt to search and check for online reviews, as you may find a better deal and service elsewhere. 

Compare quotes and verify that the price is right

Another thing you can do to be sure you’re getting a good deal is to compare quotes and do a thorough check online for prices. Before you even consider one garage over the other, check if the quote they give you makes sense – and it will only make sense if you have a good idea of the kind of work or service your car needs. If you live in Cheshire or nearby areas, RAC garages in Cheshire, for example, will have standard prices and guarantee service and workmanship, so you might want to start from those.

If you want to be doubly sure, you can call a list of garages in your area and ask about their rates per hour – but keep in mind that not all will require the same timeframe to do a job. For instance, it may surprise you that rates at a local-area garage are often cheaper than that of a major dealership.

Know what to expect

Once you find a garage that will repair or service your car, it’s good practice to ask for a quote – and ensure the quote includes the parts, labour, and VAT. You can ask the garage if there is a courtesy car they can provide whilst they are working on yours, but make sure it is affordable. Once you come to collect the vehicle, ask for an invoice or receipt that takes note of the parts replaced or repaired and the work they have done on the car, and remember to ask for a stamp on your service book – it will be proof that you’ve looked after the vehicle.



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