6 Best Cars For Commuters

Commuting may have been a thing of the past a couple of years ago due to COVID restrictions, but more people are now beginning to head back into the office. While you’ve had some time to think, you may be reconsidering your current car and wanting to change it up for one that’s a little more commuter friendly. You could get a brand new car on finance or find a decently priced second-hand one. Even if you don’t have a fantastic credit score, some companies will still consider you as they offer car finance with bad credit. There are lots of things to take into account when buying a new car, and you may be unsure where to start. To help you, here’s a handy guide that shows you the 6 best cars for commuters.  

1. Nissan Leaf 

You might not want to downgrade to a much smaller car, so if this is the case, the Nissan Leaf is perfect for you. This smart car provides you with a smooth driving experience and a ProPilot feature that allows you to keep track of any potential hazards and the lane you’re driving in. Being all electric, the Leaf does not have a clutch, so you only have to worry about one pedal to get moving. The Leaf also works smarter by charging the battery every time you brake using its regenerative braking system. The Nissan Leaf will also slice your carbon footprint as it’s a zero-emission car. A lot of cities offer some perks to having a car like this, so your commute could become even cheaper. For example, some places offer free parking if your car is electric, so you won’t have to worry about hunting for the cheapest spot anymore. 

2. Citroen C3

If you want to incorporate your commuter car into your family car, the Citroen C3 could be just the car for you. It’s small enough that it’s not cumbersome to drive back and forth every day, but it’s still got plenty of room for the rest of the family. The C3 was designed with city commuters in mind and has Airbumps added to the exterior. These are to protect from the little bumps that you can occur while driving in busy citiesday to day. This car is also fitted with a low emission engine, so if electric isn’t for you but you want to reduce your carbon footprint, the C3 can be a good alternative. 

3. Audi A6

You might want to upgrade your car to something a little more luxurious to make your journey just that little bit more enjoyable. The Audi A6 can provide you with just that. If you’ve got a long commute and will be hitting the motorways, you may need something that has a little more acceleration and the A6 is perfect for that. The powerful engine doesn’t eat away too much fuel either so you’re not going to be burning your money away with each trip. The stunning interior is the cherry on top of this gorgeous saloon car and can really make your daily commute that much more bearable. 

4. Ford Fiesta

Sometimes simplicity is best, and the Ford Fiesta is the king of this style. Its minimalist design doesn’t mean the quality isn’t up to scratch either. The Quickclear feature allows you to instantly defrost your windows, saving you countless minutes in your morning routine. You can easily add a driver assistance package to your motor to really make your daily drive seamless. This compact car is easy to drive and has a comfortable interior that will make it hard to leave when you arrive at your destination. Typically, the Ford Fiesta experiences fewer problems throughout the year, with drivers spending less on repairs. This reliable car is a brilliant commuter motor! 

5. Hyundai i10 

Another small but powerful commuter car is the Hyundai i10. Equipped with the latest Smartsense technology, this car can help you drive safely and offers you the option of cruise control too. Although it’s a compact car it still has room for 5 people inside, so it’s great for the family and if you’re part of a work carpool. Its exterior design has a somewhat sporty look with the wide front grille, but the smooth finish with soft edges makes it suitable for all. The latest models come fitted with brand new 1.0-litre Turbo GDi engines to really help improve your driving experience. This little car may be small in size, but it’s definitely big in performance. 

6. Toyota Corolla

With the cost of filling up your car continuously rising, you’re probably wanting to go for something that gives you the best value for money. The Toyota Corolla is the perfect solution to this problem as it offers fantastic fuel efficiency and provides you with a gorgeous interior. The Corolla isn’t too high-endeither when it comes to the price, and it can easily rival its competitors. Toyota Corollas are known for being durable and dependable, so you can be sure that you’ll get to the office on time each day and won’t run into expensive problems. This pocket-sized car will not only help you save money on fuel, but you’ll also benefit from its extensive safety features to ensure a smooth drive. 

The thought of a long commute back to the office doesn’t have to be terrible, especially if you make the change to a commuter friendly car. You want to invest in a car that you can depend on each morning to get you to and from the office without adding extra stress to your journey. Commuter cars are now designed with the family in mind too, so you don’t have to worry about downgrading in size. You can still have your perfect city car with the ability to bring the entire family along for the ride too. Why not check out some of the cars on this list and see how they could enhance your daily drive.



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