Ways to Enjoy Your Ride with a Good ATV Sound Bar

Riding an all-terrain vehicle or ATV looks cool, but it can be made more fun with music. You only have to find the best ATV soundbar that will fit your vehicle and fill your ears with music that can further boost your adrenaline.

So how do you enjoy an ATV ride with a good sound bar? Let’s rock on.

Choosing the Best ATV Sound Bar

While you can always choose to plug in earphones to enjoy your ATV or UTV ride, you can amp up the fun by using a good soundbar. 

Never settle for less. 

● Durability

Durability is the most crucial thing to consider in buying an ATV sound bar. You may get various cheaply-priced products as you search the market, but don’t be fooled.

Why buy something you can only use for a limited time when you can shell out more money for something that you can bring on rugged terrains for a long time?

No matter how protective you are of the equipment, it is bound to get hit by a pebble or a branch. Whatever’s bound to hit you while on the road will also hit the vehicle and the soundbar.

You have to get something that will stick to the vehicle throughout the ride and for a very long time without losing a portion or the quality of its sound. 

● Sound quality

This is another factor that plays an important role in determining the price of a product. Your engine is loud – fact. So, you need an audio quality you can hear on top of the revving engine while you are riding. 

● Weatherproof

You know the drill – no one can stop you from mounting an ATV, not even heavy rainfall. This is why you need to get something that can withstand different weather conditions. Choose a weatherproof soundbar that is IPX5 certified.

What’s an IP rating anyway? IP or Ingress Protection measures the level of protection something has from liquid and solid objects. This rating is given after a product has undergone special testing by a duly-licensed independent company. 

The rating consists of two digits – the higher they are, the better your product has protection. The first digit represents a product’s protection against solid elements, and the second digit pertains to how much protection it can give against liquid elements.

The highest rating given to products in terms of solid elements is an IP6X, meaning that nothing can get into it, not even dust. 

However, the next best thing which your ATV sound bar must have is an IPX5 rating. It means that while some dust may get into the system, it won’t be enough to cause any damage.

As for the protection against liquid elements, the highest rating given is an IPX9K. But the higher ratings, such as IPX7 and IPX8, are for products that can be submerged underwater for a while.

An IPX5 rating is enough for an ATV, meaning it can withstand a sustained water jet spray with low pressure.

● Connectivity

To have a great audio experience, you need to get something you can connect via Bluetooth. An auxiliary cable connected from your phone to the sound bar is not ideal since you will likely mount the product on your ATV quads’ rear side. 

The cable might be too much of a hassle, won’t look aesthetically pleasing, and might cause accidents. The sound bar needs to be wireless, and your best bet is to go with something with Bluetooth connectivity.

Do You Really Need an ATV Sound Bar?

If you love music as much as you love riding, then the answer is yes. Get one, and experience both things you love at the same time.

A soundbar eliminates the use of an earphone. This means you can listen to the ATV’s engine while riding, so you will be alerted instantly whenever there’s a problem.

The other riders will also enjoy the sound blast when you ride together. You can even create a playlist of ATV party songs to make the ride more memorable.

The product is also ideal for riders who enjoy camping. You can use the soundbar to play music while enjoying a campfire. However, ensure that you don’t play music that is too loud when you’re out in the wild. It may seem fun, but it can also attract wild animals lurking nearby.

Browse Before You Shop

Check that all elements of a good soundbar intended for an ATV are present before making a final choice. Listen to what other people say and scan the ratings and reviews posted about the product. 

Never forget the IPX5 rating. No matter how excellent the product is, it won’t last long when mounted in an ATV if it doesn’t have sufficient levels of waterproof and dust-proof. 

Also, the product you can connect via Bluetooth will make mounting easier as it won’t require a special tool, and you can do it on your own.

Final Words

A good ATV sound bar helps set up the mood when you are out there. It makes riding with friends more fun as you can blast the music all of you can hear. You can also play music using the product while camping, as long as you set the volume at levels that won’t attract wild animals. 

Is it worth it? Yes, no doubt.



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