What Type of Damage is Most Common With Rear End Collisions?

Being in any sort of collision is a terrible thing. They can damage your car, damage your body and affect your ability to get up and work and just live your life. If you have been in a rear end collision, knowing what sorts of injuries to look for and what damage there might be can truly help. 

What Are Some Common Injuries with Rear End Collisions?

The most common injuries that you are going to see with a rear end collision are neck and spinal cord injuries. These can be injuries that are present at the time of the accident. They can be debilitating, they can be very serious, or they can be mild. It does depend on your body, your vehicle, and on the severity of the accident itself. 

With injuries that present at the time of the accident, they can range from slight pain and stiffness in the neck and back, to paralysis in some cases if the circumstances are right. With injuries that present later, you can look for soreness, stiffness, headaches, and even pain that makes it difficult to sleep or walk. 

The reason for these injuries is often because our bodies are naturally tense when they are hit or when we are in any sort of accident. Imagine your reaction when it looks like someone is going to hit you or knock into you, your initial reaction is to flinch. This is what happens when we see a rear end collision coming or when we feel that collision. 

A chiropractor is a great resource when it comes healing from this sort of collision and getting better. A rear end collision does have the potential to cause damage to the spine and can also cause lasting pain that makes it hard to get back to work. 

What are Some Common Damages to Your Car with a Rear End Collision?

There are also common damages that your vehicle might sustain in a rear end collision. One of the most common issues with a rear end collision is bumper damage. Most bumpers on vehicles these days are made of plastic or fiberglass. A rear end collision often cracks the bumper and does damage the clips that hold the bumper on. 

Some other damage you might see is frame damage. If the collision is hard enough and there is enough damage, this can bend and buckle the frame which can cause stress on the suspension then causes stress on the shocks and struts as well as other parts of the vehicle. 

In some cases, the damage is bad enough that it can cause the car to be un-drivable. Still another thing to keep in mind is that if the airbags are deployed, the car is likely totaled and is likely going to need to be replaced rather than repaired, as there is no way to rearm airbags. With any damage to your vehicle, it is always best to take the time to get your car assessed to ensure that it is well cared for and that all the issues are pointed out from the start. 

Rear end collisions are terrible. They can cause major damage to your vehicle, they can hurt you and make it so that you have to take time off of work, and they can even cause lasting damage to the body. It is so important that if you are in a rear end collision, you take the time to get the medical attention that you need and that you also get the repairs that are necessary for your vehicle.



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  • Vehicle damages, medical expenses, and mental/emotional distress are crucial case elements that judges and insurance adjustors record and study to determine an average settlement amount for your rear-end car accident. However, other case factors outside the specific collision for you and the plaintiff have equal weight towards a settlement.

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