The Ultimate Guide to Moving with Your Car

Whether you’re moving across town, state, or country, whenever you’re packing up your car you have to be careful. Transporting the big move through the car is normal and is a part of the moving experience. The average household typically is unable to afford movers or renting a moving truck as the prices are outrageously high. But the car is completely reliable and a cheap alternative where you can go at your own pace at moving. Plus you won’t need to worry about how the movers are handling your boxes.

 Long-distance travel, specifically for moving does have the potential to do some damage to your car though. You want to make sure that you can squeeze whatever you can into the cramped space, but you also want to be sure that you’re not going to cause any damage either.  These tips will help you out in making the process easier for you and your car as well during this big move! Learn more about this process here .

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What to do before packing your car

You’ll first want to check to see if your car can handle the move, but you’ll also need to make sure that you’re ready for the packing task at hand as well. This includes inspecting your car, figuring out whether or not you have enough space for an entire movement. You’ll also need to look into the health of your car because it’s not going to be fun moving across the country and your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

Stop buying new stuff

Once you have a date for the big move, you should immediately stop purchasing new stuff. Buying more things is only going to weigh you down as you’ll need to figure out where they can go during the move. Storage or moving-related items are completely acceptable as long as they’re going to help with the move and not weigh you down. Essentially, you’ll have to become very conscious of what you plan to purchase.

This can also include things such as certain foods. If you have perishable food items, be sure to eat those before the move. It’s never a good idea to have these as these can go back during transport. But it’s also not the best idea either to load up on canned goods. Canned goods take up a lot of space, plus they’re heavy. Once you have a date for when your move is going to be, especially if it’s long distance moving, you should begin eating your food or at least look into a food bank where it can be donated to.

It’s also ideal to sort through your belongings to choose items to give away, donate, or throw out. Getting rid of the possessions you no longer want or need is going to make the moving experience so much easier. This also means that you’re going to have a higher chance of having ease at moving your belongings into your car.

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Sort through all of your belongings

Going through your stuff and choosing what to keep and what to get rid of is going to make the experience so much better and easier for yourself.  This also gives you the chance at looking into the international car shipping guide, if you’re planning to move abroad. Shrinking what you need to pack is going to make it a breeze, as this will allow you to be more organized and can easily fit more into your car. This sorting task is more important than you may realize.

Doing this months before your move is going to help you in identifying what you may need to stop purchasing indefinitely. But it’s also important to sort through everything as you want to avoid packing items that could be considered hazardous to you or the car. Some hazardous materials can include cleaners, paints, batteries, and any potentially harmful chemicals.

Have an inventory process

While this may sound like a step too far, having a process to keep track of your inventory is going to be a game-changer for your packing and moving process. Once you’ve gone through the items that you plan to quickly consume ( such as food or cleaners for a deep clean), and you picked out the items that will be donated or thrown out, the next step in the moving process happens. You’ll want to get an idea of what much you can put into your car.

So after getting rid of everything you’re not taking with you, go ahead and plan out in advance how you’re going to do your packing. This is going to allow you to get a good idea of how things will be placed so you don’t need to bother playing Tetris with your car trunk the day of your move.  This inventory process also gives you the chance at looking into the best auto transport companies because it can be crucial, especially if you’re transporting a luxury or old vehicle.

Make use of every space in your car

Cars have so many nooks and crannies, it’s wonderful really! Try to look into spaces that can be utilized such as under the seat, the glove compartment, the floorboard for the passenger seats, the area around the wheel wells, and anywhere else where there could potentially be any space.  It’s best to try to make every space out during the packing. But you also want to make sure whenever you’re packing, you’re doing it gently so no scratches or dents can happen. 

Of course, you may have some items that simply won’t fit in your car for whatever reason, which is where people like can come in useful. Since they don’t use large vehicles, you may find that this is a more affordable option for you, and you won’t have to worry about risking damage to your items. You can also choose the number of movers that come on the job, meaning you won’t be paying for anything above what you feel you need. 

Packing tips for your car

When it comes to the actual packing and placing items into your car, it’s best to try and make this as smooth as possible. Here are some tips and some things that you should try to consider. As these can potentially make the world of a difference when you’re starting the moving process.

Look into using overhead carriers

Overhead carriers can be an excellent addition to your moving experience.  If your car is fairly small then this can truly be a great option. These allow you to store your cargo safely and easily on the top of your car. These add more storage space than most people may need depending on the number of passengers, items, and the size of their car.  These are also very secure from theft, bad weather, and during the drive as well.  Overhead carriers can be expensive, but they can be worth it in the end. Some moving businesses do rent them out, so that can be something to look into as well.

Try to avoid boxes

While boxes make the moving process itself very easy and more organized, they can have some downsides. Since you’re so limited to space in your vehicle, you should keep in consideration that you’re going to have to get a bit creative with the packing and moving process. For certain items such as fragile possessions and electronics, it is going to be better to have those in boxes or some other type of sturdy storage container.  Bags will be the best bet when it comes to bulky items that don’t need much protection.

Use bags

Vacuum sealed bags are the best! They’re the best way to stay organized and to save on space in your car. These are excellent for storing textiles such as clothes, curtains, bedding, towels, or any other fabrics or textiles that you have. These are very inexpensive and can be found at most shops that sell home and cleaning products.

Utilize small boxes

If you’re needing to use boxes for your smaller delicate items, then try using a small box. Smaller boxes will have a far easier time fitting into the small nooks within your car and all the little awkward space after placing your larger items inside of it.



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