Why You Should Move to Canada

People migrate for diverse reasons. Some for amazing job opportunities, while some for better health care. However, the sole reason is an improved standard of living. Because Canada has opened its arms for immigrants, the country has become a top choice for expats. Often, immigrants consider an Indefinite Visa Application before moving to a country.

Canada is one of those countries that make it easy to process an ILR- Indefinite leave to remain. Aside from this, many reasons make Canada a top choice for immigrants. Keep reading to know why you should move to Canada.

1.  Multicultural

As an immigrant, the first thing we consider is; how welcoming the people of a country are. Canada is one of those countries where you’ll find people from diverse origins. You can be strolling the streets of Toronto or Vancouver, and you would hear various tongues and see many intercontinental dishes.

In Canada, immigrants tend to maintain their language, culture and religion. For this, you can easily spot a foreign village in Canada. Such places include Chinatown, Little Italy, and Korea town.

2.  Affordable and Accessible Health Systems

In this part of the world, medical treatment is primarily free. Canada deducts medical fees from government taxes. With these, the government allocates the budget to local health departments. So, every locality issues a small health card -looks like an ID card- to its residents. You have to present your card to access local treatment.

However, you’ll receive this card based on your immigration status. Expats with Permanent Residency or Citizenship would receive a health card. For this benefit, you need to process an application for indefinite leave to remain. Nonetheless, without a Permanent Residency, you can still get free emergency health care.

3.  Rich with Natural Resources

Canada has rich natural resources. Due to its natural landscapes and terrains, you will find thousands of people trooping into Canada to experience natural beauty. The country boasts of an intriguing natural environment, such as lakes, oceans, waterfalls, mountains, forests.

As a plus, Canada supports its economy with wealth generated from tourism and mineral resources. The country has resources like Cooper, Gas, Gold, Iron Ore, Oil, etc. With rare animals like elk, polar bears, and whales, this incredible country attracts more people.

4.  Low Violence and Crime rate

In Canada, the process for gun ownership is lengthy and stressful. This process has reduced the rate of gun ownership in Canada, which has enabled a lower crime rate in the country. Finding a crime-free country is rare; nonetheless, Canada is much safer than its southern neighbours.

5.  Work Culture and Job Opportunities

In Canada, more work opportunities are available yearly. You’ll effortlessly discover skilled and unskilled job opportunities. These opportunities are due to the country’s increasingly elderly population. Many people grow old and leave the workforce, making room for recruits and promotion. So with or without a job offer, you can migrate to Canada.

In addition, the work and life balance are excellent compared to other capitalist nations. Canada’s residents get to work 40 hours weekly, and they receive payment for statutory holidays. Furthermore, many Canadian citizens are entitled to various payments such as GST (learn more here). To put it simply, mothers can also enjoy over 30 weeks of paid maternity leave. Therefore, the work culture and availability are valid reasons to move to Canada.

6.  Liberal Policies and Laws

With their liberal laws, Canada has earned a top spot amongst tolerant societies globally. Over a decade ago, Canada legalized same-sex marriage, making it one of the first countries outside Europe. With openness, reception, and acceptability towards Immigrants, Canada has shunned hate crime, racism, and any form of bias.

In addition to this, fair immigration policies are put in place to demonstrate the value of skilled immigrants. The country’s policies, coupled with having access to good lawyers for Canadian immigration, make it easier to live a successful and good life in Canada.

7.  The People

Receptiveness, courtesy, and humour are the significant traits of Canadians. The people are warm and friendly; they also tend to receive immigrants with love. Although the world is harsh, Canada is different.

The citizens also love to have a good laugh and do not take themselves too seriously.  They joke about their politics, education, weather, etc. However, they are wary of issues like ice hockey. All-in-all, Canada is an excellent place to move due to the people’s sense of humour, non-discrimination, and friendliness.

Wrapping Up

With thousands of expats settling in Canada, it is a top choice for immigration. It proves there are many benefits of working and living in Canada. Nonetheless, we have highlighted the top 7 reasons you should move to Canada.



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