International Car Shipping Guide

In the information age, moving across the country or around the world isn’t as easy as it used to be. Sure, you can take a plane, but what about your car? The best way to ensure that your car is there waiting for you when you arrive is by shipping it with a trusted international car shipping service.

What are the benefits of shipping a car with an international service?

1. You pay less. Your new car will arrive at your destination faster and in better condition than if you had done the move yourself. The cost of shipping an automobile depends on the country, but for example, in Australia it costs about USD200 to ship a medium to large sedan. This is less than the cost of shipping a car from the United States to Latin America, even though it involves a 7-day sea voyage. 

2. The car arrives undamaged. You want your new car to be safe and sound when you get it. While the majority of shipping companies worldwide take great care of their vehicles, accidents do happen. Some can even involve fatalities, so it is important that you choose an international shipping service that is trusted by the industry. 

3. The car is insured.

How to prepare your car for shipping

Step one is to make sure your car is in good condition and ready to ship. You can get a free inspection to make sure your car is shipshape for the journey. If you own an old vehicle you can also get it prepared by an authorised service facility to ensure it has the necessary specifications and to meet international shipping standards. 

This means your car needs to meet various minimum and maximum dimensions, and it must be protected against dirt, dust, moisture, water, and insects. It must also have sufficient storage space to keep your possessions. Finally, your vehicle must also have a suitable registration number in the jurisdiction where it is going. The next step is to make sure you have all the relevant documentation and proof of insurance ready.

What are the costs involved in this type of shipment?

Let’s look at what it takes to ship a car from where I live to where you are, based on the prices I found on the three major freight forwarders: Air freight charges: $1,950 – $3,200 Ground freight container shipping charges: $1,300 – $3,000 Trains are cheaper than the above freight, but they aren’t as quick as air cargo. So it is important to plan ahead to make sure you are able to get your car when you want it. 

Hauling your car can be more costly than shipping it. The amount of distance to be covered has to be calculated as well. If you are moving a fleet of cars, you may need more than one to get the cars back. Air freighting: You can either ship a car in one of the standard sized boxes, or in a small package. Packages are usually cheaper and can fit in an aeroplane that can take them.

How do you find a reputable international car shipper?

Find a Car Shipper from a Reviewed Company These are the best ways to find a trusted, reputable car shipping service. Peruse a respected review website Review websites are a great resource for finding a reputable car shipping company. 

They list many of the car shipping companies currently operating in your area, allowing you to narrow your search by the price, vehicle type, and carrier services. Choosing the right car shipping service many customers claim they only chose a car shipping service because they saw a local or national news report detailing a car shipping company’s consistent violations of consumer protection laws. This information can be found by searching for review sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, or Consumer Reports.


There is really nothing to complain about as far as international car shipping services go. You can even pick the cheapest options, from the cheapest carriers to the most expensive, as long as you do your research and the price is right.



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