Improving Engine Efficiency with Cold Air Intakes

The most prominent part of any vehicle which is also considered as the brands’ identity is the engine. This is a solitary auto part that cannot be replaced with the new one. This is because aftermarket engines do not exist today and will never be in the future. What will be the solution if the engine of your vehicle starts giving problem? Are you left with only a repairing solution? No, this is not the only way out of your engine problems. Car brands manufacture powerful engines so that they can run for years without creating troubles, but with time, things get old and start creating tribulations. Many people have to face such complications because they do not follow the preventive measures that can increase the life of an engine.

The finest solutions that can present a long life to an automobile engine are performance parts. Different types of performance parts that boost up the functioning of a weak engine include:

1. Electronics

2. Cold Air Intakes

3. Headers

4. Short Ram Intakes

5. Exhausts

6. Short Shifter

7. Air Filters

Among all these parts, Cold Air Intakes are inexpensive variation, which are quite easy to install. These intake systems do not give more power to the engine but instead perform more important function. It is a type of medicine for your engine that allows it to breathe by taking cold air inside and hot air outside. Engine becomes hot on continuous working as lots of heat is produced during its functioning, as a result of this, it might get damaged. That is why, there is a need of an auto part that can give cold air to the engine and keep it cool. This will help the car engine to gain enhanced power and improved mileage of your car.

Three main parts that constitute an air intake system:

1. Air Filter

2. Mass Flow Sensor

3. Throttle Body

These parts are present behind the front grille making the cooling process easily achievable. Air is drawn through an elongated plastic tube that goes into the air filter housing and later mix with the car fuel. This air is taken to the intakes that supply air mixture and fuel to the engine cylinders.

Benefits of Using Cold Air Intakes

The major advantages of using cold air intake are increased torque and horsepower. This performance part draws high volume of cold air so that the engine of your vehicle can easily breathe with an off-putting stock system. As the combustion chamber will be all filled with cool and oxygen-rich air, fuel smolders in an efficient way. These intakes also improve fuel economy and throttle response of the vehicle. Fuel-rich burning mixtures cause the engine to lose power and improve air to fuel ratio.

For taking the real benefits of air intake systems, these must be positioned at a proper place along with cooling ducts and air filters. These intakes work together with cooling ducts and filter which are the indispensable parts of intake systems. This complete combination aims at sending cool and filtered air to the engine so that it can do better than before.



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